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    Default Re: New OOTS Book: "Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales"

    Quote Originally Posted by apegamer View Post
    I just added another shipping option for the new book. It's still Priority mail, but now you can add more books into the Priority Envelope (up to 3), which will save shipping for some customers that wanted to order more than a couple books.
    Just a quick question regarding this update, does this three books in one Priority Envelope-thingy work with any three books (say, one each of -1, 0 and D) or does it have to be three of the same kind?

    Also, too bad 0 is apparently out of print. My Austrian local gaming store hasn't had -1 and 0 in stock for at least a year and a half now, maybe longer, because their German supplier doesn't have them. I'd have loved to get them together with D if shipping remains at $13.95 for all three books.
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