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    Very interesting! So this is abiding by something that I latched onto for my Magitech system: The Principle of Equivalence. I.E. Two second levels spells = 1 fourth level spell. I was actually about to brew a class a bit like this...

    My one concern: Breaking the Action Economy/Nova. At 18th level, you could cast three Fireballs as a standard action. May I suggest that you add in a caveat saying that you must expend an additional number of spell levels equal to the number of additional spells being cast? This would at least mitigate this somewhat as well as encourage them to avoid Spellweaving unnecessarily. It also stops you from pumping out 9 Magic Missile spells in a round. 45d4+45 damage that never misses for 9 spell levels seems a bit overpowered...

    Then again, adding the previously mentioned clause could discourage players from using one of the coolest features of this class...
    That IS a concern. And I think I know of a way to discourage the Nova Method: How about they have to divide their CL amongst the spells? I'm also open to other alternatives.
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