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    Update 1: Nov 2, 2010 - Apr 1, 2011
    Alright, I've been here long enough that it would be ridiculous for me to cover everything. Not to mention all the characters I've culled, I mean dang. Anyway, I'll just be providing a description of the most recent events, and hopefully I'll remember to update this once in a while. I apologize now for the length.

    Kirk Locke
    A few notable events occurred before the most recent ones. Joined AMEN when he first arrived. To hang out with like minded individuals, I suppose. Helped rescue Jack from NO. Went to a party at some oak tree, upset a few people after almost killing the hostess. Went to another party at House Irumocuri. There he met Mina, and opened up for the first time in years. A surreal experience for him. He died, after doing some weird ritual that would bond Diablo to his soul. Worked out perfectly but for the fact her could lose control to the demon. In between these things he pretty much hung around Amen, behaving like you'd expect an AMENite to.

    Got into a big fight in the Black Dragon's Den. Him and Jack vs this bastard named Prince. Edijar and Charity show up. Edijar helps out and they do win the fight, after Raril and Dyna show up to break it up that is. A lot of bystanders died or were injured though. That hits a cord with Kirk. He feels guilty for the first time in a long time. Charity was one of those who were injured, by Kirk's own attack no less. At the emergency clinic, where Kirk's bullet shattered knee I never mentioned was treated, he went to apologize to Charity. It was an awkward thing all around for him to do, but afterward he felt much better.

    Joining GLoG. The last stop from a guilt ridden evil bastard. Why he did it? He got fed up with his lifestyle, and just wants some change. Din decides to take on his case and tells him he's going to learn to heal people, instead of hurting them. If this whole redemption thing takes is a question that can't be answered yet.

    He makes a trip to the Wish shop in order to separate himself from Diablo. This is successful, at the cost of his regeneration and eternal youth.

    After joining GLoG he's feeling so good he decides to head to Trog's and get blasted. And yes, I'm being very sarcastic. His plans change when he encounters Fettina, a strange piano playing, neon girl. Being the womanizer he thinks he is, he lays down the charm. He's remarkably successful too. What he doesn't realize is that she was looking for a poor bastard like him to seduce and take to bed where she could get a free room then rob him. Anyway, before getting carried up to bed, Fettina puts something in her drink. Kirk isn't happy about this, as he feels like he's taking advantage of her. After some extreme hesitance, he fails his will save and the curtain falls. Predictably enough, Fettina walks out with his stuff. He wakes up and is rather angry as one might expect. He ends up brooding at the bar where he meets Rob, a man of many hats. While wearing a wizard hat, Rob casts a scrying spell which reveals Fettina to be at the Black Dragon's Den. He rushes there in a rage and confronts the thief at knife point. Realizing that he's falling back into his old ways, Kirk drops the knife and offers to help Fettina after revealing how he lived like her for a long time. It was a friendless, painful life. He lets her go then. Later she returns to him at GLoG to return his possessions. He insists that she keep some of them and sell them. They part on good terms.

    For unknown reasons, Kirk's Objects pull at him to Seek again. Din, insisting that she watch over him, gets dragged along as he Seeks one Object. Afterward he and Din part ways and he goes to Trog's. There he meets Haruki, but they don't get to chat much before Kirk looks at Dyna through his shades. He got a glimpse of her true form and spiders started erupting from his body, his eyes were destroyed, and his mind got a soft reset. Not fun. This prompted Dyna to question his Objects, and only some overly easy bluff checks got him out of there alive. He seeks again after that, this time alone. He gets another Object that fills his empty eye sockets before returning to GLoG. There he is confronted by Wenomir, who is investigating the Objects. He did a pretty good job of looking like a crazed addict.

    On another roam around the city, looking for a chance to Seek, Kirk is confronted by Rebonack. Being the artifact collecting brute that he is, the Cobalt Knight cuts Kirk down after a feeble attempt to escape. There he dies, and his demon soul is pulled to the Abyss.

    A few days later Kirk is summoned from the Abyss by Feia. He's undergone some changes. Generally just looking more demonic. With the complete transformation of his lower body into something more dinosaur like being the most notable change. He can manipulate his appearance, so it's not really apparent most of the time. His new Mistress commands him to go back to GLoG where she will be watching through him. He isn't told more than that and is given relative freedom to do what he wills.

    The final thing here is still ongoing. It will slip into the end of Kirk's timeline whenever it resolves. Kirk decides he's going to visit Mina. Jasper, her sister, answers the door and isn't impressed by Kirk initially. He doesn't trust the drow, especially since Kirk is hiding something behind his back. That something turns out to be a bouquet of tiger lilies. Kirk is let in and he heads up to Mina's room. He's awkward at first, but Mina soon proves once again to be the only person Kirk can take comfort in. Mina isn't in a normal state of mind though. She doesn't see the world the same way as everyone else, but Kirk's presence helps her. Just like he takes comfort in her, so does she in him. While they hold each other, Mina kisses him. Kirk's kissed plenty of women before, but this was entirely different. It actually had meaning and it was intimate and tender. And for that brief moment, Mina's mind was clear. But before she could explain to him, one of her sisters, Alaine, interrupted. She slips back into her normal state of mind. Kirk goes to talk to her parents then, and finds out that Mina had investigated too deeply into things she shouldn't have been, the incomprehensible. Her father hasn't bothered to try and find a way to repair her mind. This angers Kirk. He then resolves to find a way to restore Mina, whatever it takes. But how is the question.

    Sakura and Sarget
    Sakura arrives at the Nexus unexpectedly with Sarget. Coming from a primitive, natural world, the Nexus came at quite a shock. Luckily Sarget was with her to help her not get overwhelmed. She goes to Trog's Tavern first and learns a bit about the Nexus from Avatar. Afterward she meets and chats with Cessie, who is not impressed with Sakura's clothing, or lack thereof. Their friendship develops from that point on. They leave Trog's and takes a trip riding in Sarget's branches. Cessie decides she wants to embrace her dryad heritage, if only for that night, and sleep in the treant's branches. After an amusing and uncomfortable night, Cessie gets taken back to the city and Sakura and Sarget go wandering.

    After wandering a while they come across WATCHTOWER. Unaware of social norms such as knocking, Sakura bursts right in. Just in time too, she stumbles across Ilpholin attempting to seduce Adir, an old friend from her home world. An old friend she was, and still is, quite infatuated with. Being the fey that they are, it isn't long before they jump into bed with each other. A relationship starts to develop then, but they both probably need to grow up a bit in that department. Of course Sakura joins Watch just to be close to him, and not at all thinking about what the job entails. Adir started to train her in the use of firearms.

    Her first mission with Watch has he going with Adir and Cathy to investigate the Serpent's Gaze hotel. It had been reported that there was some demonic activity there. They don't do much investigating before there is some kind of demon attack in the basement. The Watch members' cover was blown and they were asked to leave.

    Cessie and Sakura went on a clothes shopping trip, which turned out to be quite embarrassing or entertaining, depending on how you look at it. The dryad was entirely unfamiliar with clothing, much to the dismay of the very conservative Cessie.

    At some point Adir and Sakura go on a shopping date. They toured around Market Street and looked at all the strange things sold there. One unscrupulous merchant takes advantage of Sakura's interest in a necklace with a blue glass flower pendant on it, and gets Adir to buy it for her for too much money. Sakura loves the present, so maybe that made up from it. Afterward they go to Pontius's Custom Constructs where they bought an ice golem. It made for a very amusing freezer ambush later.

    Cessie asked for Sakura and Adir to help her recover a tome from a long buried city. Collecting the book was little trouble, the Skum living there were surprisingly cooperative. While leaving there was trouble. Sakura encounted a shoggoth for the first time, a cute little sucker. That is, until it starts devouring her. Because the shoggoth's very nature she was able to mentally command it to stop spreading, but not before it thinly covered much of her torso. She had little time to dwell on it though, as a much larger shoggoth forces them to flee to the surface. It was a traumatizing experience for her. She had never been in that kind of danger before.

    The usually cheerful dryad is quite somber after that experience. She discovered that the only way to remove the shoggoth was with fire and that it could spread even further if she didn't remove it. Adir comforts her as best he can. Later, at Watchtower, she finds that she loves him, and tells him exactly that. To her joy he replies in kind. The next morning Adir and some others are planning to go back to the Serpent's Den. She talks to Cessie before hand about her husband, causing the mage to break down because he's been gone for so long. Sakura does what she can to comfort her friend.

    Sakura and Adir took a trip to Trog's where Dyna noticed Sakura's shoggoth. She offered to remove it, much to the dryad's eventual delight. To celebrate Sakura drank way too much chocolate milk and Adir drank too much alcohol. Sakura wasn't impressed by his behaviour. They made up later though. Sakura finds it hard to stay mad at him.

    Cessie came to Sakura one day and gave her a gift. It was a young maple tree, the same kind of dryad Cessie's ancestor was. They plant the tree and Sakura helps Cessie get in touch with her dryad ancestry.

    After that, Adir comes back and they end up going for a walk in the woods. It was a nice walk to begin with, but that changed. That time of year was Adir's species' mating season, and they curtained right there in the forest. Not strange for two fey, but Adir was different from normal. It was rough and loveless and he hurt her. Afterward she felt used, scared, and hurt, both physically and emotionally. When he realized what he did she fled from him and disappeared into the forest. She ended up in the Weald, where Adir rescued her from a band of murderous faeries that tried to sacrifice her to a bloodoak.

    That wasn't enough to smooth over what happen earlier though. They talked and Sakura confessed that despite what happened, she still loved him. They returned to Watchtower where they took a shower together. Adir was wracked by guilt at seeing her bruised body and was hesitant to touch her. As an exorcise of trust, she curtained with him again.

    The next day Sakura set about tending to the flowers where she met Butler, or more accurately an impostor posing as Butler. After some idle chit chat, she was pulled aside by Cessie who questioned the bruises. Sakura told her the truth, but insisted that Cessie not be upset with Adir.

    Soon after Butler's plan was launched. Gas capsules incapacitated many of the members, including Sakura. After coming to, they investigated why the attack was launched, but little was discovered. Currently they're discussing seemingly unrelated apocalyptic Objects.

    Ghar Baenurden
    Ghar has done quite a bit since he can to the Nexus, but we'll focus on more current events. Ghar was out on one of his blood collecting walks when he came across Sarah, a unique six year old girl. He sensed that she has vast power stores that he can tap into. He abducts her, but rather than try and contain and control her, he offers to apprentice her as a wizard. The curious girl happily agrees, and after taking her back to GLoG and talking to her father, Dr. Rein, and Quinn it was arrange for him to stay there and start teaching her. He began giving her daily lessons in basic magic and mental defenses and has been very pleased with her progress.

    Soon after his arrival, AMEN attacked GLoG. Ghar assisted with the fight a bit, but mostly concerned himself with keeping Sarah safe.

    Just recently he had a confrontation with Sophie. She got him to admit that he was only at GLoG for his own gain. Ghar reacted violently to that invasion of her mind by demonstrating how easy it would be for him to crush hers. Naturally she didn't take it well and is now hoping to have him banished from GLoG. Ghar isn't worried though. Her evidence against him is weak at best.

    Becca Williams
    Becca found herself, and the entire National Park, dropped in the Nexus. She was training with her pokemon Shroomy the Shroomish and Claws the Beldum. Her first encounter is with a different sort of monster trainer, Alina. There is a bit of a conflict between them, but they calm at the intervention of Rick and Myrrh. They head to a pokemon center, one run by trolls. The freaky sticky upy haired ones. The leave there quickly and go to meet a friend of Rick's, Nephea. They decide to go adventuring together, but not before they're also joined by another girl, Emily. Not entirely sure how it makes Rick, who still at the girls are icky age, feel being in a group with four girls.

    They're first adventure takes them to GreenWater, a dimension that Alina took them to with a magic key. They fought off some strange flying ray-like creatures. Currently the party is stuck in deadtime. The plot might have died.

    Jared Kowalski
    Jared was out walking his magikarp, Mister Fish, when he found himself outside Trog's. Without knowing it, he entered the Nexus. He found it rather odd when a monkey started talking to him and proceeded to attack him with a sword. Despite the weirdness he took it pretty well and even better once Dyna explained some things to him.

    Things only got stranger when he got a taste of his first Trog's random encounter. It was a pony, a pony that turned other people into ponies. He fought bravely, striking powerful blows with Mister Fish. With the aid of others it was defeated. From the loot he got a belt that makes him stronger.

    Besides that he chatted up a few people including Sophie and Skeppio.

    He might need a bit of a retcon. To make it so he isn't a carbon copy of the character I... well, copied.

    Rose Nacari
    Rose is one of the vampires of Riverside. She had an offer from Tzimfemme for a new job, but never did follow up on it. Most likely a result of her general uncaring attitude.

    Despite this attitude, she was chosen to infiltrate AMEN and kill Rot, permanently. She maybe uncaring, but she can be quite competent. Since joining AMEN, she's only snooped around a bit and buddied up to Rot. She needs to earn his trust if she wants to find out how he stays alive.

    Rose participated in the recent attack on GLoG. Not much came of it, but she did get to seriously injure Din and Andy.

    Gabriel Moretti
    A lot has happened to Gabriel, but we'll focus on after Tia changed back into a human and they've been living together a while. Gabriel has been happy living with Tia in Exbourne Manor in Riverside, and he's been doing whatever he can to make Tia happy. Despite that, she hasn't been. She wants to be with him, but she can't take the perpetual darkness and only living among vampires. Gabriel finds her crying one day and knows he has to do something. He has to find a way to cure his vampirism. So he sends her away to visit her father for a few days.

    Hey talks to an old friend, Mateo if he'd heard anything about a way to reverse vampirism. It turns out that he has. It was something Mateo's sire discovered and the general location was recorded somewhere in the now deceased vampire's tower. Mateo took Gabiel there, and he has just began his search.

    Eshter's first goal was to find a place to nest. She took up residence in NO in exchange for her services. In short, she became a member. Soon she was spreading her children around inside, most notably in the taverns. Most of the other members of NO are uncomfortable around her.

    In Trog's she met a member of the Burning Light who tried to convert her. After offending a member, Justinian, with her opinions, she left the place.

    Now she is on a mission to find a fortress, one of NO's contracts. Herself, Ordo, and Rebecca are investigating the fortress, and have discovered that they have to free something that was trapped there. At thing point in time they are floating through an underground lake.

    Ramiro Gallo
    Ramiro spends most of his time ensuring that Westside runs smoothly. He's met with several people including Magtok, representatives from Eastside and Westside, the lich Arik, and a member of the Burning Light.

    He also went to Inside to discuss the removal of the embargo on Riverside. The terms were that the embargo would be lifted if they killed two known vampire menaces, to prove that the Riverside vampires were civilized. The vampires in question are Serena and Rot. Both are still being looked into.
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