Hello, I'm the test MONKey in jiriku's campaign. How ya doing?

I've been radically enjoying the abilities of this monk, and the fact that I have been extremely successful with the large skill point pool and the combat features. The skill monkey part has allowed us to continue forward without our rogue at some points, and combined with the warlock we can unlock, disarm, or blow up anything in our way.

Also, I have taken the ACF Decisive Strike with Superior Unarmed Strike, Snap Kick, and a Monk's Belt. The result is that at level 9 I have a modest +15 to attack (+13 with Snap Kick) and if I hit with both Decisive Strike and Snap Kick I deal 16d6+36 damage. The ability to pull this off with the Spring Attack and a 60ft move speed has allowed me to be incredibly effective in combat. Oh, and I can pull off a trip attack every round too since Improved Trip was one of the built in bonus feat options. Oh yeah, and I have Magic, Adamantine, and Alchemical Silver Ki Strikes. It's beautiful... *sniff*

The result has been the utter destruction of any and all traps, the destruction of multiple enemies with little to no loss of resources or HP, and some really fun cinematics in my mind of monk awesomeness.

Now if I can just get rid of this blasted levitation trap effect I'll be really happy. Bloody Gygax, God rest his zombie bones.