"Themes of Ansalon"
A 4E Dragonlance Supplement

A few weeks ago I sent in an idea to WotC proposing an article that introduces themes for the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. Well, they're not looking for anything relating to the setting for the foreseeable future, so I've decided to finish working on the project a little at a time.

The ultimate goal is to have a full set of themes (like those introduced in the Dark Sun setting book) for Dragonlance games, since it's my favorite of the "standard" fantasy settings. The final version will include a full selection of attack and utility powers PLUS a Paragon Path for each. I have not gotten very far yet, but I'll use this thread to post stuff as I do it.

List of Themes:
  • Devotee of the Old Gods
  • Knight of Solamnia
  • Mariner
  • Tribal Protector
  • Unlikely Hero
  • Wanderer
  • Wizard of the Black Robes
  • Wizard of the Red Robes
  • Wizard of the White Robes

Previews/working copies of the "article" will be uploaded here as PDFs, since I can control the formatting a lot better than I could here on in the Playground.

Preview 1: Devotee of the Old Gods and Knight of Solamnia

So, as always, feel free to PEACH the work I've got here and offer up any other questions, comments, or wild screams of protest.