A question, what does the second AC bonus count as?

Players Guide gives the Wis as untyped (doesn't mention so call it untyped), second one you give here just says can't wear armor. So can you wear Bracers of Armor or Impervious Vestment or is it limited to stats and class, for example.

Kind of annoying when your class feature is only a 6000gp item buy. :P Like the speed bonus. -.- Still good fun of course, just less straight power.

Did you use Snap Kick with Decisive Strike before level 9? -4 to attack didn't seem like it would work all that well when I was going over the possibilities. And will you be grabbing the other two Spring Attack feats? Not that you'd need them, 3 attacks at near full BAB and equiv to 4 attacks damage is fine really but you know, more damage is like more fire or negative energy. Must.. Have.. And are you using variant Dodge feats or just vanilla? I make characters, don't game. Not many people I know are interested in gaming so lack a chance to try them out.

Side note, for those wanting more to do with Tumble, try PHB2 and CW, possibly also Cityscape and CS. Combat Acrobat for instance just lists things you can do with Balance. And some other feat lets you Tumble faster, slash someones legs whilst tumbling, etc. With Dance with the Elements, you have Jump, Tumble and Balance checks that are through the roof, and it's a trained skill so you're already proficient with them. Which means all you need to do is establish a reasonable DC for the abilities listed in the feat and you have your alternate uses other than "I roll past the orc". Jump gives you a charge alternative so you can "charge" from 30ft up in the air, or there's a feat/skill trick somewhere allowing you to flip off a wall, but again, just work out a DC for it and you should theoretically be able to do it. Even 10ft is fine though, that counts for the Piercer Cloak (MiC pg118) to give you +2d6 dmg. And there's the bonus to attack from higher ground somewhere, +1?

Cityscape has Swift Tumbler, feat, allows you to tumble 10ft faster than half speed. But that should just require a higher DC, not a whole new feat. Seems a waste anyway. (2e purist, if that hasn't hit yet. :P) The tactical feats from there, Roofwalker and Roof-Jumper which should require DC's, but jumper is partially useful anyway Walker is useless, just lowers the DC's and grants you +1 AC which you don't need but is requirement for jumper. 'shrugs' If you have +80 to jump, may as well make use of it.

Maybe I need to make a new thread.. Discussion and revision of feats for Revised Monk. Right after I finish making my Warlock.