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    Default Re: The Spell Weaver[3.5 Base Class + Feat, PEACH]

    Lookin' good. I'm curious what Metamagics would work best to use up those higher-level slots... And what kind of role unorthodox Weavers such as the previously mentioned Assassin Weaver would fill when coupled with the classes that normally gain those spells. Actually, that'd be quite interesting... Maybe some sort of technique-based Assassin in that example.

    Paladin Weaver... Huh. A person with paladin spells, who could potentially choose not to be LG. And without Smite. Man, that'd make for one nasty villain, impersonating a Paladin. Then again, he would still detect as Evil... I suspect that anything besides a LG Paladin Weaver would be accused as a Heretic and hunted by the actual Paladins. The ones who are LG would be an interesting, more cleric-y type of Paladin.

    Ooh, ooh! What if you had it such that levels in Spell Weaver and levels in the class that grants the spells that the Weaver spells are being drawn from stack? Wait, no. That's a terrible idea. Who's progression would you use? Nevermind this.

    A Bard Weaver would be a bit like a a Bard who skipped the music lessons and went straight for the enchanting and illusions. Would be interesting, but likely frowned upon by other Bards. Also wouldn't need need Perform... Heck, they couldn't even get Perform very high since it's CC.

    Wu Jen Weavers wouldn't have any Taboos... That'd certainly confuse the actual versions. But besides that, Weavers of Full Casting classes would fit in pretty well, save for the odd fact that they can Weave and lack the other abilities of the given class.

    Beguiler or Duskblade Weavers would be interesting... You take away their Skill-Monkey-ness and pump in Full Casting, and you end up with very specialized Wizards capable of Multitasking. Hm. Well, standard Wizard Weavers can't Specialize, so I guess to simulate that you would end up with Weavers for the various pre-specialized casting classes. Jiriku has a lot of homebrew ones filling in the gaps, I do believe.

    I wonder which spell lists would be the best choices. The Wizard and Cleric lists make among the most sense, just due to their sheer size. But some of the casting classes have weaker lists that are made up for in their Class Abilities. For example, you'd likely never see a Warmage Weaver because all of their spells are on the Wizard lists, plus others. So why pick it? And the lists that don't go up to 9 would result in interesting Weavers, but they'd end up having to heavily rely on Metamagic to keep up with those Weavers that chose full-progression lists. The Partial Weavers also can't choose upper-level spells to learn, so they end up with complete mastery of their fewer number of spells. Metamagic Mastery (No casting time increase for Metamagic'd spells) would be a very useful ability for Partial Weavers to keep up with full ones. Perhaps you could state that only those who have four-level lists gain this? Bard Weavers get the short end up the stick, but I don't think that they're hurting as much given that they still have decently large spell lists to begin with. Edit: Actually, scratch the previous note about Metamagic. I forgot that we didn't have Spell Slots. Silly me. They would still be useful, but not as essential as if you would be wasting spell levels by not using them.

    Re-reading through your DC for Spellweaving... You should mention what happens if you fail the check, whether that simply be a wasted actions, or wasted spell levels as well. For Weavings with casting times longer than one round, the check should be made at the end up the casting time.

    And those are my two copper pieces.

    Editedit: This could be interesting as an entry way and a way to make more synergystic mixes as you could make a Wis-based Wizard Caster, which is unseen outside of this.

    Also, this would be interesting for Multiclassing. An Assassin Spellweaver/Rogue would be a particularly interesting combo, as would Paladin Weaver/Fighter. Both give you some neat-o bonuses without the trouble of the restrictions or qualifications.
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