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    Default Re: The Spell Weaver[3.5 Base Class + Feat, PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Elfstone View Post
    Just as a point of view from the class, as I love what you have done with the mechanics. You need to add in abilities, to keep people interested. Maybe small bonuses in weaving together spells? Perhaps make them "seamless" so you have to dispell them all at once (and you add the opposing checks for the dispell for all the spells. Perhaps divide them by 2?)
    I considered suggesting this as well, but as it is this class is already a bit stronger the the typical Sorcerer who has no class abilities save for their familiar. Weaving is likely more powerful than a familiar and Weavers have even greater versatility in how they choose to allocate their daily allotment of spell levels than sorcerers do (They're even better at spamming the same spell over and over, as they can utilize their entire level reserve without having to worry about wasting upper-level slots). As such, adding more abilities without also adding more detriments would be a bad idea.

    Edit: How would Weaving interact with the War Weaver's Eldritch Tapestry? Could you store entire Weavings as single spells? That would be interesting and synergistic...
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