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Did you use Snap Kick with Decisive Strike before level 9? -4 to attack didn't seem like it would work all that well when I was going over the possibilities. And will you be grabbing the other two Spring Attack feats? Not that you'd need them, 3 attacks at near full BAB and equiv to 4 attacks damage is fine really but you know, more damage is like more fire or negative energy. Must.. Have.. And are you using variant Dodge feats or just vanilla? I make characters, don't game. Not many people I know are interested in gaming so lack a chance to try them out.
Jiriku explained most of why I waited until level 9 for Snap Kick. The good news is that since I was forced to wait until then for BAB to get high enough, the -2 for Decisive Strike vanishes at lvl 9, so I'm stlll only working at a -2 penalty to attacks. As for the stats, as jiriku mentioned, they are pretty good at +5 Dex and +6 Wis bonus, so my offensive and defensive capabilities are pretty high for a monk.

If I were to continue with this character past the end of the Tomb of Horrors, I would probably go with Robilar's Gambit added on so that I could be getting AOOs with my Decisive Strike and Snap Kick's continued to be added in. It's a tad risky, but with a good AC bonus and decent hit points, I would be able to get around environments where Sprint Attack wouldn't be easily available, or against monsters that get around immunities to AOO from Spring Attack of other feats. Throwing in the DR that gets added on later in the monk, or just taking a few extra feats to get it would also help to balance out the additional threat this would cause.