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    Just as a point of view from the class, as I love what you have done with the mechanics. You need to add in abilities, to keep people interested. Maybe small bonuses in weaving together spells? Perhaps make them "seamless" so you have to dispell them all at once (and you add the opposing checks for the dispell for all the spells. Perhaps divide them by 2?)
    Yeah, I'm not really into that. If you add up all the spell levels, you get roughly the total number of spells in terms of spell levels that are available to a Wizard. While this might make it appear less powerful than the Wizard, it has Spellweaving and can choose any 1 spell list and mental ability for its spellcasting. This grants it some nice versitality and useage of spells. Giving it more class features would probably make it pretty overpowered.

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    Edit: How would Weaving interact with the War Weaver's Eldritch Tapestry? Could you store entire Weavings as single spells? That would be interesting and synergistic...
    What is a War Weaver? Just wondering, as I've never heard of it before.
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