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Hey, VT have you ever thought of writing a book? You could use some of your creations and you're good with flavor so that'd work as well.
I'm actually working on a couple books that I'll be putting a few of my dream-based monsters in, though neither are actually the sort to have supernatural beasts within.

The main one for instance is a sort of colonial fantasy about a famous child painter whoes got telepathic powers and visits the dreams of the townspeople and puts them to canvas, which needless to say causes a bit of a problem, especially as one guy comes along to see the latest work, sees a rendering of a nightmare he's been having for years and drops over dead with a heart attack.

As he gets nearer adolescence his ties to reality become more and more loose till he's basically living two lives, one in the dream world, one in reality, and he can bring things from own place to the other. In fact, while sleep walking one night he accidently pulls his parents who are chasing him down the beach into the dream, thinks them nightmare creatures trying to trick him and 'does away' with them, only to awake and find out what he did.

Thats just the beginning in a nutshell... the majority of it is based on my own personal dreams I've been writing down for years.