By way of feedback: I was considering asking a DM to allow this fix, but I changed my mind. I thought it might help you to know why: the campaign is starting at level 1, and my rolled stats are not fantastic. Why does that affect my choice? Because this monk gets to add Wisdom and Dexterity to his attack and damage rolls at level 3... but not before. If I want to play this theoretical high Dex, high Wis monk, I have to labor through two levels relying on Strength and thus having a crappy chance to hit and damage. I could put a high stat in Strength, but then I'm losing out on Dex. I'm right back to the same MAD, and your intro says you were trying to de-emphasize Strength.

I realize most of the homebrew on this board tends to get evaluated based on the high level end of things, but I thought it might help to get the perspective of a 1st level player on the class. Maybe you could allow 1st level monks to replace their Strength bonus to attack and damage with their Wisdom bonus on unarmed attacks, which then increases to adding their Wisdom bonus at 3rd level. That would allow someone to be an effective 1st-level monk with a 10 Strength without really offering much to dippers.