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But that's illegal, downloading stuff is legal in the NL
Thats... interesting.

Wait....you DREAM all these bizzare monsterrs?
Every now and again.

Ever considered a bit of therapy, dude?
What, and be derived of free inspiration? Pfaw, just have the drool bucket ready.

First, Isn't a DC 11 will save somewhat low for a CR 8 monster? The usual formula of half its' hit dice plus its charisma modifier would put it at a DC 16 or 17.
Well, considering how you often find the band in at least groups of 6 or more I thought it'd make sense. Then again, by 8th level... yeah, might as well adjust it.

And second... I don't know, it sounds to me like it makes a much better Monstrous Humanoid than Giant. Too many qualities that are ... out there.
Maybe, though it also could easily be a fey or aberration. MH does seem to work best though. Adjusted.