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    Default [BitP:R] Soul Society 3

    This is a thread in the Bleach in the Playground Reborn universe; a freeform game with a more concrete, planned plot.

    The current discussion thread is here.

    For years now within the warring factions of the spiritual world. Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo have been living under an age of Cold War. It is a time where tensions run high between the two factions. And yet despite this, Soul Society has flourished in these years that could be considered the closest thing they have known to "peace". However, this uneasy "peace" has finally been broken.

    Soul Society awakes to the day after an invasion led by Kujo, a rogue shinigami, condemned by Soul Society for the murder of the former Commander-General of the Gotei 13. Kujo was accompanied by his followers: Suzume Kimi, Eriku Gimimamori, the Primera Espada, Genoveva and her underlings, and the mysterious modsoul known as Naraku. Genoveva and his underlings were intercepted by 11th Captain Himura Michiko, and 13th Vice Captain Mitsukai Karite. The Primera was forced into retreat, but Captain Michiko was severely wounded, and Karite underwent a hollowfication. Meanwhile, 10th Captain Takashi Taiki engaged Kujo in battle, and Suzume Kimi was captured by 2nd Captain Miyagawa Yuuki. The attack left much of Soul Society in dismay, especially with the destruction of the Maggot's Nest, an installation kept secret even amongst the Gotei 13, where the worst case criminals of Seireitei are held.

    With the invasion now over, an operation has begun to clean up the destruction of the attack. This attack now brings a close to an era of non-aggression in the spiritual world. Many questions arise from this event, as the once dormant gears of the machine of war once again begin to turn. Is Soul Society truly prepared for another age of war and death? Can the past generation of war-torn shinigami, pass the torch to a new rising generation, who are ignorant of the cruelties of war? And who will step up amongst this new generation of shinigami to lead the Gotei 13 towards a future that has yet to reveal itself?

    Only time and the actions of those within the Gotei 13 will tell us.
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