Well, it's not Lyra, but I wrote another snippet.

As I said earlier, Silver died a couple of sessions back and after much discussion with Peregrine, I decided to create Terryn for the game and setting she was originally intended for. So now I have two D&D characters named Terryn (though to avoid confusing myself I have spelled their surnames differently). She's only a filler character until we get enough moneys to pay for a rez for Silver, but that doesn't mean I can't write snippets! And here's the first one.

Cast of Characters
or That Pesky Paladin

Tanc. Human male. Moves fast and hits hard. Moves quieter than any man that size has the right to do.

Check. Damn he’s big. But check.

Nera. Catfolk female. Gorgeous in a furry sort of way. Spellcaster – spontaneous probably. Favours blasting spells, fireballs a speciality.


Rifus. Elf male. Mental stability debateable. Warlock – capable of hitting almost anything. Extremely hard to hit himself.

Wait. No elf. Okay…


She’s the one I really want to see anyway.

Elf female. Talks fast. Not a bad fighter, so the stories go.

Oh… no Silver. Instead we get – oh. Oh dear. Oh that’s not good.

Lester. Human male. Paladin. Problem. Self-righteous, not a bad fighter, all about truth and justice. Knows who Skylare Fern is.

The question is – will he recognise her in me? Damn. I didn’t think he’d still be with them by this point. This could be a problem.

It serves me right for not checking and double checking. But all the stories I’d heard said, and loudly, that someone like Lester wouldn’t stick with a misfit group like this any longer than he had to. I can’t imagine why he’d still be with them.

And where are Rifus and Silver? And that dwarf the locals said they came into town with? I don’t know – but if I’m going to – do what I want to do, then I need to find Silver at least. She can vouch for me.

In the meantime, I’ll just have to be careful. Lord Lester isn’t an idiot and if he recognises in me the woman who once held him hostage, then I am royally screwed.

Wait. They’re leaving. Let’s hope they spilt up. No rest for the weary – or the wicked. Up you get girl, follow them and earn your pay.