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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Spark Chaser

    Appearance: His coat is firebrick red whilst his mane is a shade of burnt orange. He has a goldenrod colored stripe in his mane. Pegasus Pony.

    Cutie Mark: Two stylized lighting bolts (however it is fake)

    Personality: Hot-headed, rambunctious, dense, childish (even if he thinks he's mature). Prone to crushes on older mares, fretful when it comes to others coming close to discovering his secret. Gets flustered easily.

    Skills: Running really fast. Endurance and strength as he does his morning stamina building/muscle strengthening exercises as described in one past post.

    Biography: Used to be the cool colt at his old school, until his little sister Cloud started school, that's when other foals made fun of her wall-eyedness. By default they made fun of him as she was his sister. They eventually moved away and came to Bridle Shores. He's another pony with a dad who walked out on their life.


    Current Older Mare Crush: Icy Touch :P

    Acquaintances: Magnolia, Soft (though in his head its in Intimate Friendships) Silvermane (His old flame, at least in his head).
    Casual Friendships: Mr Knack Tinker, Dawn Blossom, Pyrite, Charger, Smoothie.
    Close Friendships:
    Intimate Friendships: None, he's just a little colt, even if he crushes easily on older mares.
    Family:Cloud, and his mama, he loves them very much.
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