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No comment on most of the mechanics, but I like Internalization (you know, the option with your mind blade?) Combine with our good friend Tashalatora, and you have a potent brawler on your hands (3d6 damage per attack, able to take 10 on those attacks, and a couple of other goodies? Count me in?)
Glad you think so. Also consider you've got yourself basically a built in ki blast since you can still throw your mindblade regardless of the form you currently have it in. It can be pretty cool.

Only problem I have is something like Mahu Je (or however you spell it; that legacy weapon that can transform into a mindblade), plus a Dragonshard Pommel could potentially grab you any enhancement onto your mind blade; I especially like me my Aptitude Fists (for only about 2000 gp, and which can't be taken from me).
I'm not familiar with the Mahu Je or Dragonshard Pommel, but I'm personally inclined to say "Doesn't work with this version of the soulknife". You've already got a effectively +11 weapon, which can either be +6 with +5 enhancements, or +1 with 10 enhancements, +2 of which you can change on the fly for things like bane; or holy to bypass dr and hit weaknesses.

I could maybe see the legacy weapon thing being adapted so that your mindblade can gain special legacy weapon powers (if I recall correctly they get some neat random abilities beyond just enhancements, like casting some spells x/day.), but nothing to stack on a more weapon properties than what you've already got access to. Instead of looking for ways to make your stick bigger, a soulknife should be looking for ways to spend that 200k gold he's no longer having to spend on a weapon.