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Thread: [3.5] Fighter Remix: Doin' it old-school

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    Default Fighter Alternate Class Features

    Alternate Class Feature: Fighting Styles
    The Weapon Master Fighting Style is a good style for soldiers, exotic weapon specialists, and fighters focused on advanced weapon techniques, but what if you want to give your fighter a different focus? Some fighters aren't heavily armored foot-soldiers, but are savage, bare-chested barbarians, mounted knights in shining armor, inspiring generals, brutish thugs and cutpurses, sharp-eyed bodyguards, dragon-hunters, or even more exotic sorts of heroes.

    For these sorts of fighters, a different fighting style might be appropriate. In the seven posts below, you'll find seven new fighting styles available as alternate class features. These ACFs replace the fighter's weapon master style (and the benefits it provides) with differently themed abilities. Using these ACFs, your fighter can become a brutal barbarian, heavily armored cavalier, honorable samurai, a marshal of armies, or one of many other sorts of fighting-men.
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