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Thread: [3.5] Fighter Remix: Doin' it old-school

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kredine View Post
    Fighters shouldn't have d12 hit die. That is a right that should be reserved for the barbarian. Fighters represent skill and finesse where barbarians represent brute strength and the hit die reflects that.
    What, you mean the Fighter who gets the same approximate amount of skill points a fish would?

    Or the Fighter whose typical primary stat is STR, wielding a greatsword which is simply the best weapon it is feasible for him to wield except perhaps the spiked chain?

    Skill and Finesse went to the Rogue and Ranger. Fighting-men got the job of standing there and battering things into submission. To death.

    You can MAKE them about skill and finesse, but it's not their base state.
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