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    Magatsu slumped into his chair, hand already cramping from writing reports. The Third Division had responded well to the attack, especially thanks to the low damage inflicted, but the entire situation had put a sour taste in his mouth. Resentment boiled behind his eyes as the report utterly failed to distract him from thinking of how cavalier Second had been when they waltzed onto Third's grounds.

    Suzume had been his, damnit. Right there, in his f***ing hands, basically gift wrapped with a ribbon saying "Please execute me, Shizuka-fukutaichou! Merry Christmas!"

    And then Yuuki had popped in to complicate everything with all the damn superiority Magatsu hated so much about the Onmitsukido. Even then, he could have killed her. At least maimed the bitch. He smiled slightly as he contemplated how nice it would have been to take her other arm and make her watch as he obliterated it. But that fourth seat had to jump in. How dare the bastard call him a murderer, say all he could do was kill restrained criminals. Magatsu had just slaughtered an Arrancar that would have made the ninja crap his pants and was still more than up to the task of killing Suzume. He should have ripped one of the bastard's arms off for his disrespect.

    Magatsu became aware that his hand hurt. He glanced at it to find that his grip had tightened enough to snap his pen and drive several splinters into his palm. He ripped the wooden shards free and tossed them aside.

    Heh heh heh. Poor Magatsu. Still upset that you're not respected? Eien Uzumaki slunk into Magatsu's mind, snickering.

    What do you think?

    I think that you're sitting around feeling sorry for yourself when you could be doing something useful. The distinct impression of a too-toothy smile tickled Magatu's thoughts like blades across a whetstone. Nobody will cross you once you've got a haori. Look at how much people indulge the other Captains. But they won't just indulge you, Magatsu. They'll fear you. We can kill anything, and we'll force Seireitei to acknowledge us as more than just their useful shame. Not pawns any more, but players. The zanpakutou's laughter faded away.

    Magatsu thought for a moment, then dispatched a pair of Hell Butterflies. He needed to speak with the Commander-General, and after that... that unseated girl. She'd faced him down. If nothing else, she had guts. Useful. He'd need to fill in Daisuke-kun as well, but he'd do that in person.

    The Hell Butterfly to Tsukada-soutaichou was simple and polite, little more than a statement of Magatsu's desire to meet with Ryouichi at his convenience.

    Nasumi's was short and direct, bordering on rude as usual, telling her to see Magatsu in his office when she was finished helping repair and relief efforts.
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