Thank you! I am hoping that the final product will be even better. To address your question, Seerow, Second Style and Third Style grant neither benefit, but merely allow a fighter to meet prerequisites. This will make more sense once I have finished the subsequent entries for each fighting style (I'll try to get at least one complete tonight so you'll have an idea of what the others will look like).

By way of example, suppose you want to play a fighter with rage and pounce. You can simply dip barbarian and play bar 1 / fighter x. Under these rules, however, you would be a weapon master fighter x, with no option to multi-class. The revised fighter accesses rage and pounce as bonus feats, and they both have "Prerequisite: barbaric fighter 1st level or greater". With Second Style, you can declare the barbaric style as your secondary style, and now you can access either of those feats as if they had "Prerequisite: weapon master fighter 9th" instead. I probably need to rewrite the abilities to make that more clear, and provide a couple of examples.