I think we should wait and see what those new special feats look like before getting too concerned. If the Watchful fighter gets feats that mimic True Seeing and that sort of thing, then this fighter could definitely have more tricks than just full attack.

However, I would like to point out something about the "Weather the Storm" aura. Getting "resist sonic 3" at 10th level is, frankly, horribly weak. A lesser aasimar or tiefling gets permanent resist 5 to three energy types as a first level character. A cleric can cast resist energy for 10 points at 3rd. I would say either increase it to five times the aura bonus, like the dragon shaman has (i.e. resist sonic 15 at 10th level), or triple it and let it apply to ALL energies simultaneously (i.e. resist all 9 at 10th level). Or just drop it, because no one is ever going to use the aura as written instead of the bonus to saving throws.