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    INVASION DAY (post collapse)

    Taro Banzuke, 3rd Seat of the 10th Division:
    (at the scene of the collapse, with 5 other 10th division unseated)

    Taro shakes his head a bit, and looks back to his 5 men. At that moment a large cadre of 10th Division members of all ranks showed up, near the 3rd Seat. The orders were flying from all directions it seemed, but Taro knew his job at this moment. Or at least he knew what eh and his men were going to do.

    Taro quickly gathered the 10th Division members close and relayed the organizational orders. Taro then sent out the majority of the group (save the 5 members whom had been with him), to follow those orders and work in coordination with the other divisions, per the command structure. He sent them off with a large "GO!" which was followed by an even larger division response of "HAI!" as they ran off.

    Taro kept the 5 men whom had been with him from arriving apart. He looked to them, one older unseated Shinigami looked unfazed, but the other four looked as if they were in shock almost, the destruction and large assembled force for cleanup seemed to bring them out of their comfort level.

    Taro smiled to them, and bent down slightly as they looked to him. Taro spoke confidently to them. " are coming with me, I am sure there are some 'people' who need our special attention..." (referring to prisoners)

    Taro them smiled largely and adjusted his robes, as he turned and looked to the rubble...still speaking to them "...let's go, i have a feeling not all of this is going to be fixed by cleaning up some stone and dirt..."

    A brief look back to them men, and a nod, and they shunpo'd off towards the rubble, but seemingly around it. Taro wanted to do close observation from some of the less populated sides of the destruction, in case any prisoners thought they could slip out.


    (Near collapse, away from the masse of gathered Shinigami)

    Taro saw them after a while, it was a group of about 15 prisoners, loosely gathered together ducking in and out from behind large rocks moving away from the rubble. It looked even like their shackles were off, as he saw their hands free. One could never be too safe with prisoners, but this was no time to be safe.

    Taro stopped his shunpo, with his men stopping too, behind a large boulder barely big enough to hide the large Taro, but along the route the escapees were taking. His back against the boulder he looked to his men and brought his large hand up to his lips and quietly said "shhhh....escapees" as he pointed with his thumb behind him around the boulder.

    Each man snuck up to the edge of the boulder and peered around it, each seeing them before returning back behind the stone boulder and the flesh boulder of Taro.

    Taro looked to them sternly. "These men need to be apprehended immediately, do not take them lightly...and do not hesitate...they have broken Soul Society law..."

    Taro then peered behind the rock quickly, and then back to the men. He looked at them strong, then smiled very widely, he then adjusted his belt and strode out boldly from behind the large boulder. The escapees, were only 20 yards away as he did so.

    "HO... HO.. HO..ho... what do we have here guys?" as his men came out behind Taro, with their hands on their swords hilts. "...looks like a bunch of riff raff thinking they can get away with breaking laws without paying the consequences..." he had both his hands on his belt and his stance was wide as he looked at them with a smirk. " think you are above the law eh?"

    The escapees all stopped dead in their tracks, and gathered near a large man in front of them The escapees looked to be in good shape, and the man leading them was pretty big and strong, and had broken shackles at his wrists, his hands were somewhat bloodied, as were the other escapees broken shackles.

    "This guy must have had his shackles broken in the collapse, and then went about freeing these other ones" Taro thought.

    The escapees did not look scared, and the man in front of them definitely not. They seemingly made this choice knowing they might have to fight their way out. And here was their fight. Some of them were picking up rocks in their hands, a few had large pieces of broken wood with nails in it.

    "Why don yooo...get out of our way fata$$..?" the large one said to Taro mockingly. "...there are a bunch of us..." (15) "...and you only have a few wimps and your larda$$...." laughing a bit to the other prisoners..
    "...make it easy on yourself fatso....let us by and go eat some least you will enjoy that" the large man said pumping his fist into his palm

    Taro's stern look turned to a large smile...then slowly...started to laugh..."h..ha...hha...ha...ha....hahahaha...ha..HAAH...HA AHA HAHHAAHAHAHA.." His men behind him had faces of anger at the large man's words towards their 3rd seat. NO ONE talked to Taro that way.

    "ha...ha...haha..ha...h....Oh must have been in there for quite a while to talk that way...." he then took one LARGE step forward, BAM and was immediately in his Sumo crouch, his right foot forward and his large right hand with an open palm (curled fingers) directed at the escapees.

    "...i was hoping you would come quietly and accept your fate...but it looks like you will be adding more than just attempted escape onto your list of crimes....but also ... ASSAULTING an officer of the Gotei....NOW COME ON!..." Taro's voice boomed to the escapees.

    It was at this moment when one of the escapees, a pretty strong looking guy, dropped his rock. He timidly said..."'s Taro Banzuke!" the man ran forward towards Taro his hands in the air "Who's that?" one of the other escapees said back "he was a Yokozuna in the SSSWF (Soul Society Sumo Wrestling Federation)....he went 115 matches in a row without guys really must HAVE been in here forever to not know of him!"

    "ah...a fan" Taro said as the man approached and dropped to his knees in front of him...speaking in all ernest "Banzukewaka...Banzukewaka!!... i am so sorry...i give up, please take me back to prison...i wont be a problem..." Taro then nodded and pointed him over towards a boulder to sit out of the way.....the man said "hai!" but then lingered a moment with his head down..."what is it!" Taro said " Banzukewaka...can..i get your autograph!!!" his head sprung up with a large boyish like smile...

    Taro and the rest of the gathered Shinigami and escapees looked on for a moment quizzically...dumbfounded.

    Then all of their jaws dropped to the floor! Well except Taro....

    "Sure kid!! no problem!! Nothing i wouldnt do for a fan!!!" Taro said while easing up and belly laughing once "HA!" Then out of nowhere came a little piece of paper and a pen from inside Taro's robes, it looking like a toothpick in his large hands. He quickly signed his name with a flourish and handed it to the man, and pat him on the head like a little boy. "Now go sit down...I have some work to do..." he said as his voice and posture return to "serious" mode as he pushed aside the Sumo fan and escapee.

    The escapees and 10th members all tensed back up. The escapees re-gripping their makeshift weapons, the unseated Shinigami with their thumbs under their tsubas.

    Taro stood crouched his right hand and foot forward, his left foot back, his left hand slightly above his shoulder and beside his head.

    "Enough of this $hit!..come on!!!" The large escapee then lunged forward into a run with a yell "YAAAAHHHHH!!!" the other men following suit with him

    Taro smiled "bring it" he said softly to himself.


    (at the collapse)


    9th Division squads are seen to arrive from multiple directions briefly (though not the whole division), only to then shunpo off in multiple directions (after butterflies reach the commanding officers). Few words were said by the officers, head nods and different types of pointing seemed to be the prevalent type of communication at the moment. They sped off to surround the mountain and observe and take notes of any stragglers, prisoners, or of any misconduct (by or towards prisoners) which might go unnoticed in such confusion.


    (Near Taro and his 5 unseated somewhere on the far side of the rubble)

    9th DIVISION

    A small 5 man (but there is one woman in it) squad of 9th Division members, observe from afar 3rd Seat of the 10th Division, Taro Banzuke and some of his men as they approach some seeming prisoners attempting an escape. They watch, but do not approach.

    INVASION DAY (post collapse)

    Taro Banzuke, 3rd Seat of the 10th Division:
    (at the scene of the collapse, with 5 other 10th division unseated being rushed by 14 escaping prisoners)

    The escaping prisoners rush forward in two masses. One group of 8 men rushing ahead of the "leader" of the group with broken timber as clubs. The other six headed by the "leader" come in a little slower, probably hoping to serve as an impact to overwhelm while the first wave weakens the Shinigami.

    The group of 8 rush forward yelling, some with hate in their eyes from years of anger and imprisonment, others with a kind of frightened welling of tears in their eyes. This may be their one and only shot at freedom once again.

    Taro looks on as they get closer, his eyes somewhat lighthearted but still intense. The first eight get closer and closer, 10ft, 9ft, 8ft....Taro's eyes hardened along with his muscles and stance awaiting the impact, his hand not on his zanpaktuo.

    7ft....6ft....5ft!! The prisoners yelling intensifies as they all bring their weapons up and swing in for their attack on Taro

    KRINK!!!!!!!!...KRINK!!!!..KWINK!!!!..KWANK!!!!!!! !..KWEET!!!!..KWOOSH!!!!!!!!...KLINNK!!!!...KRANK! !!!....

    Taro's eyes widen, as what he sees in front of him as the prisoners came no further stopped in their attacks within only a few feet of Taro.

    The "leader" of the prisoner's eyes harden as his group stops and watches, his eyes fill with anger.

    In front of Taro, all contorted yet all cohesive in a kind of beautiful pose, Taro's 5 unseated members stand having blocked all 8 strikes from the prisoners with their swords and stand in defense and guard of their 3rd seat Taro.

    The eight prisoners eyes and mouths are wide, they had planned to go after Taro in hope to deal with the other after. Chopping off the head of the snake first...

    "No one strikes our 3rd seat without coming through US first!!!" the older member of the unseated group accompanying Taro said with a staunch firmness. "you will stand down and come quietly!!...or we will be forced to make you come way or another..."

    Taro's smile returned for a moment as he heard his unseated's voice call out with such vigor. He knew the Cpt had trained them all well, no matter their rank they all KNEW their jobs and did not hesitate.

    "we will take care of these guys sir" looking back to Taro for the briefest moment... "...we'll have em in chains in no time right guys??..." he said then to the other four unseated. "HAAAI!!" they all said in unison as they in concert pushed off their blocks of the prisoners and the prisoners themselves, walking them away from in front of Taro to one side about 20 ft away. Taro only nodded lightly with confidence to them.

    The prisoners moved to the side with relative ease as they backed off slightly at the sword point of the 5 unseated. one looked back to the prisoner "leader" but was only met with disgust as he said with false bravado "You eight kill those sissies and then join back up with us when you are done with them!" looking on to Taro stepping a few steps forward pounding his fist into his other hand harshly.

    The leader and the other six moved forward towards Taro, it was clear these were the bigger of the group as well. The leader of them was obviously stronger than them all, but the others were not slouches, and there was no fear in their eyes as they came forward, only hate and anger welled in their eyes as the grip their metal rods tightly.

    "I'll give you all one more shot and it comes with an offer...stand down and come quietly...and i will do all i can to make sure you are treated fairly and get no extra years on your sentence for attempted escape or assault..." looking briefly over to the one prisoner from before was sitting quietly nearby admiring his Sumo signature...then back to the "leader"... "...this is your last chance however, after this point...i will do everything in my power to not only stop you, but also make sure you never see the light of day again..." Taro's voice was somewhat more harsh as it went on

    "FPpputtt!!!" was the only sound Taro heard as he looked on seeing the "leader" spit towards Taro. Taro shook his head slightly, even though he knew his offer would go unheard.

    Five of the "leaders" men rushed forward towards Taro now yelling, also he could hear the sounds of swords and yells from his side where his men were fighting. Taro stood confidently and in a Sumo crouch, as they ran forward. Taro smacked himself hard on the chest with both hands, and did a kind of shaking violent stretch motion quickly, removing all the sweat and dirt on his body (would look like a kind of prematch Sumo routine)

    10ft..8ft..6ft....4ft.... they all swung their weapons at Taro with such anger and violence. Their eyes had no remorse, no care, they were already dead it seemed to Taro, this was their only chance at something more than darkness and imprisonment.

    They came straight on towards Taro, this was a mistake.


    (Near Taro and his 5 unseated somewhere on the far side of the rubble)

    9th DIVISION

    The small five person squad of 9th Division Shinigami stood from concealed areas dispersed amongst some outlying rocks and trees. They watched 3rd seat Taro and his men. One member was writing in small notepad. They continued to look on silently.

    INVASION DAY (post collapse)

    Taro Banzuke, 3rd Seat of the 10th Division:
    (at the scene of the collapse, being rushed by 5 escapees and their leader, with 5 other 10th division unseated Shinigami fighting 8 other escapees nearby)

    The five escapees rushed headlong at Taro, their screams of anger echoing the fight nearby between 8 others and five unseated Shinigami from the 10th.

    They were in a loose straight line as they brought up their metal shafts and wood pieces with nails in them, above their heads to strike Taro.

    6ft...4ft..3ft...2ft!!!. "...that was far enough" Taro thought as he smiled almost cynically from his crouch.

    He pivoted in his stance bring his rear foot forward and his huge upper body across it directed at the man on the farthest left, shortening the distance to him at the last second. The man's metal rod above his head still when Taro attacked him with both his open right hand pushing him down to the ground at the chest, then as the man's back hit the ground his feet hung in the air, and Taroo grabbed them with both his massive hands, and then pivoted around his left, rear, foot bringing the body of the escapee around with him like a lifeless man shaped bat, held with two hands.

    As Taro spun around towards the other four he swung the body of the man by the feet. The weight was nothing to Taro, he brought the flailing man fast with him, smashing the escapee's body into the next two farthest left escapees in the group, they not yet reacting to the swift moves of Taro. Taro released the human bat as he connected his attack. All three of their now unconscious bodies flew towards the leader, who was approaching from the rear of these five men. The leader had to stop and duck as one man's unconscious body flew over his head.

    The other two escapees jumped back from Taro and held up their wooden planks with nails. Their eyes wide, and full of fear now..."..they had made a mistake...they should have given up...what were they thinking???...they had no chance" But they were committed now, the large man had given them a generous choice, and they spat at it....

    "WAAHHHHHH!!!" They both yelled at the top of their lungs, hoping to gain some more guts in the process. With their wooden weapons above their heads coming down they both jumped onto a nearby boulder and up in the air and then down towards Taro, whom had just pivoted back still in his crouch but with his stance open to them to look to them.

    Taro's smiled as they came down from the air for their attack. Taro thought to himself as everything seemed to go into slow motion for him "Had they not learned? when your weapon is above your head and facing a faster and stronger leave your whole body open for a strike.....idiots..."

    Timed perfectly Taro rose quickly to a standing position from his crouch towards the two men descending from above on him, much like he did the first escapee, but this time he struck with both extended arms and hands. Each on target to an escapees neck, grasping them in mid air.

    Taro's large hands grabbed each of their necks and squeezed slightly, both of them still in the air. They dropped their weapons and grabbed at their necks and Taro's hands trying to relinquish his grasp, their eyes widen and bulged white, their faces turned red, their feet searching for the ground and then kicking harmlessly at Taro's large body. Taro held them both up in the air and looked up to them, his smile still set as he wasnt killing them, just teaching them a lesson.

    They started to redden even more, and their eyes began to close and fade into unconsciousness, their hands weakened and fell to their sides, their feet slackened and dangled. Taro lessened his grip laying the escapees to the ground somewhat gently before he smiled a bit more, happy with his own restraint.

    His smile turned to a grimace only a moment later, when he felt the sharp sting and heard the CLANG of metal against his upper back. Taro spun quickly to face the escapee's leader whom had struck him with a large metal piece of debris. He flung it to the ground and it CLANG out again as it hit a nearby rock.

    Taro's grimace turned to a smile again as he straightened up a bit bringing his hand to his own back to rub the pain from the attack. The strike did hurt a little bit there was no doubting it, it was definitely more than an average Soul's strike. Taro guessed this man might have been a Shinigami at one time.

    He looked to the now lonely leader..."ya gotta nice swing there....yer making me curious...why'd you get locked up in the first place? you go AWOL from yer Division?" he said sarcastically assuming his membership in the Gotei.

    Both of the leader's fists, covered with dried blood form breaking his shackles, squeezed tight in anger. His face reddened with madness, and he spit out his response loudly...Taro's words bringing up a deep psychological scar in the man

    "...shut your fat piece of $hit!!..they had no right to kick me out and lock me away!!!...all i did....ALLL I DID WAS TRY TO SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE!!"

    Taro looked on to them en rubbing his back a little bit more as he looked on to the man with a furrowed and almost curious brow.

    The man continued in anger...his voice bold and enlivened by years of madness of thinking over his actions "...the Captain...the Captain....that piece of crap...he..he was going to kill that Soul...she was turning into a Hollow...dammit!!... and he didnt do anything to even TRY to save her...he was just going to strike her down...he didnt even say anything..."

    Tears began to swell at the leaders eyes...adding to the anger... "She was so pretty...she....and i...she....we.....we were so happy....THAT A$$hole Captain....he didnt do a dam thing to help i had to stop him..."

    It became clear enough to Taro now...he didnt need to hear any more. He interrupted the unstable man... "sir...please do not will mean nothing to help your situation and will not bring her back...and will only make you more have as much power to change laws as i do...and you know that...attacking a Captain..." he was cutoff by the man's loud voice...

    The man's hands clenched tighter, his face redder....his voice louder " defend that piece of $hit and you have never met him???... you are all think you have the HE....he killed my sweet...." the man's tears over took him as his head bowed down.

    Taro briefly looked over to see that his men had subdued the other eight escapees, and were tying them up. Taro then pointed over to them.... " are alone have no chance...stop this...give up now and you will not be harmed..."

    The man's head came up and his face was no longer red, his eyes were dark and it seemed like all his muscles were tightened as he looked on to Taro. "You will pay for HIS mistake Shinigami...i coudlnt get him then...but i can get YOU now....and you will pay for killing her...and putting in this prison to die"

    The large leader lunged and ran forward toward Taro at full speed, his hands to his sides, he didnt scream or yell....and he was FAST.

    5ft,....4ft...3ft..2ft!!! He brought his right hand up and went to punch Taro in the face. And it was a fast punch, Taro brought his hand up to grab his hand, but missed as the man was faster than he seemed. The man's punch connected on Taro's shoulder, as he had been able to move fast enough to glance the blow onto his shoulder....but it hurt...if it had been his face, Taro would have lost some teeth without a doubt.

    "UGH!" Taro grimaced.

    Taro reached up and rubbed his shoulder, them an hadnt broken anything, but that was no weak attack.

    After connecting his blow the man continued on past Taro, and skidded to a halt, before spinning in his place and running back towards Taro.

    Taro thought to was not unheard of for a Shinigami to spar and harm their own Captain from time to time, even in rarest circumstances anger might even be involved. Some of the Captain;s even promoting dangerous sparring including themselves even. But all out attacking a Captain, even with a good reason was a big no-no, but even then placing them in the Maggot's NEst seemed harsh....but after feeling the weight of the man's attack it seemed obvious he not only attacked a Captain, he probably hurt him pretty bad, and depending on the Captain that could very well get you locked up.

    Taro would not underestimate the man anymore, he watched as the man approached him quickly. He was not faster than Taro, but he had surprised him. Taro figured to return the favor.

    As the man closed in for another attack, Taro pulled out his zanpaktuo from its sheath saying its name and its command phrase.

    "NOMI NO SUKUNE!! "Hand of fate, your fingers spread wide!!"

    In a flash his sword turned into a large general's war fan, he held with one hand, kanji written on each face of the fan. Taro held it up towards the man as he approached who swung his fist at him with speed and high force.

    This time however, the punch did not land, instead the man's hand rebounded along with his body as a large brilliant blue energy "shield" had extended a few feet from the edges of the fan. The man hit the ground as he bounced of the blue energy.

    The escapee grimaced, and sprung to his feet and rushed back in, and met the same fate, falling to the ground. He did this 5...6...7 more times, each time he weakened, and Taro looked on through the blue energy each time.

    The other five unseated 10th Division Shinigami had rounded up the other unconscious escapees and the one who had given up already and had them tied up in a line, the conscious ones carrying the unconscious ones. One unseated stood at the head of the line, another at the end, the other three ambled towards Taro and the leader as he kept on with his futility. Their eyes weakened each time the man attacked, 10...12...14th time falling to the ground. They grimaced as they watched the man as he bloodied himself and stumbled more and more on each strike. Then they looked to Taro, who looked on to the man with pain in HIS own eyes.

    The escapee wasnt even attacking Taro anymore, he just couldnt stop. Taro felt sad for the man, this was all he had left in him...anger...frustration...and for all the years he was inside he had no recourse he could take. Taro WANTED him to stop, but he couldnt bring it in him to do so, would anyone act any different in the man's situation? Would we all not lash out at those who would attack/kill the ones we love, no matter who they were? A Shinigami's morals often seem to clearly defined by the law, but are rarely if ever that clear when love is involved.

    The man stumbled to his feet after the 20th 'attack', he could barely hold his hands up, he stumbled forward towards Taro again. His fists came up and he swung weakly at Taro. Taro's blue shield did not come up this time, he moved his war fan to the side and let it strike him on the chest. It didnt hurt...the man's other hand came up and swung at Taro's chest and he let it hit him as didnt hurt either. Then the man slumped forward onto Taro, tears filled his his clenched hands lay on Taro's large chest.

    "why...why....bastards....why...why...bastards.... why.." the man murmured repeatedly, his mental state so fragile that he couldnt even compose himself.

    The man's legs gave out from underneath him, and Taro grabbed the man by his torn prisoner's outfit keeping him from falling. Taro's zanpaktuo returned to its sealed form and he re-sheathed it quickly, then grabbed the man with his other hand, both hands now on the escapees shoulders. Taro looked down to the man, pity in his eyes and compassion in his grip.

    Taro then looked over to the unseated members nearby, who came running up, two of them grabbing the man, tying him up briefly before carrying him along with the others.

    Taro looked to the prisoners, now back in their bonds. Then looked to his men, each had bruises form the encounter. Taro reached up to his shoulder, rubbing it slightly, he even had one.

    He adjusts his robes a bit, re-situating his zanpaktuo, then said to his men in a somber voice before waiving to them to follow him as he began to move off.
    "nice work let's get them out of here and back with the others..."
    Normally Taro was lighthearted after a fight, but this was not the same nor the time for it.

    They moved away for a while and then the one unseated not with the prisoners walked up and next to the large Taro, the young man waited a few steps before speaking up "....Sir... what's the deal with that guy? he barely put up a fight..."

    They walked a bit farther before Taro responded softly..."sometimes the Maggot's Nest is not for protecting those inside from those of us outside, but more to protect them from themselves..."

    Taro continued on without another word taking their time bringing the prisoners back to the now designated area for loose escapees. As they arrived and he checked them in, he made sure the prisoner with his autograph was allowed to keep the paper on him at least for the time being using his rank to get the favor done. Then he ordered his men to go and assist the other squads nearby. Taro looked them all in the eyes before the left, making sure they knew he was proud of them. They all bowed deeply in respect to their 3rd Seat before rushing off as ordered.

    Taro watched them go before scanning the area for his dear friend Misaki, he figured she would still be around with the Kido Corps setting up barriers around the Nest. It had been a long and crazy day, and he knew her face and smile would help relax him.

    He was not sure what the aftermath of all of this was going to be, nor did he know the full extent of the damage, but he knew for sure there would be plenty of work to do. Now where exactly was his Lt and Cpt..?


    (Near Taro's and his 5 unseated's fight and victory observing from a distance)

    9th DIVISION

    The small five person squad of 9th Division Shinigami watched as the 3rd seat and his men gathered the escapees and headed off. The leader of the group looked to the other men, all of which had paper and pen out and were writing feverishly, he waited for them to stop and catch their eyes in his before he nodded to them all. They all nodded in return and headed off as a group farther around the perimeter of the collapse, towards the next bit scene of activity to observe and document.[/SPOILER]