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Thread: [3.5] Fighter Remix: Doin' it old-school

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    Posted a general discussion of class-building concepts for the fighter remix in general. It's not high-op advice, but should serve as a starting point for people who are wondering what it all means.

    Also posted details for the barbaric, cavalry, and commanding fighters.

    @ Seerow: The proof of the pudding will indeed be with the feats. I'm attempting to do several things to address the "few/crappy tricks" issue.
    1. Feats that scale. More of this will come later, as I post and link to some additional threads with remixed versions of core feats. Scaling feats means you need only spend one or two feats to learn a good trick, rather than 3-5. Thus, you have ten tricks instead of two.
    2. Expanded Martial Aptitude. Full retraining of all fighter bonus feats means that you can swap the ten tricks you know today for ten different tricks tomorrow.
    3. More high-power feats with stiff prerequisites for higher-level play. This corrects the issue in which the 20th-level fighter merely has several tricks that are more suitable for 10th-level characters.
    4. Feats that sometimes scale according to character level, rather than class levels. This means that a high-level fighter who takes a "low-level" feat from a different style can immediately unlock all the juicy advancement abilities associated with the feat.

    Some of this is fully implemented, and I'm just a few copy/pastas away from being able to show it to you. Some of it exists just as theory and design principles for now, and will be developed over the next couple weeks.

    @ SPoD: Sheer genius. This is why I'm posting to the Playground. I would never have thought of that, but now that you mention it, it seems obvious. How would you implement that? Granting blindsense would automatically defeat illusions and invisibilty, and fits the theme. Plus, it's useful for other things. Or perhaps the fighter could automatically be entitled to a save against any illusion he sees, as if he had interacted with it merely by observing it.

    Weather the Storm is modeled on the DR feature. I see your point though, and have modified it to cover all elements at once. I'm beginning to see that there are some balance issues in the various auras; shame on me for assuming that the class option I ripped it from would be internally balanced.
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