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Thread: [3.5] Fighter Remix: Doin' it old-school

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    Quote Originally Posted by jiriku View Post
    How would you implement that? Granting blindsense would automatically defeat illusions and invisibilty, and fits the theme. Plus, it's useful for other things. Or perhaps the fighter could automatically be entitled to a save against any illusion he sees, as if he had interacted with it merely by observing it.
    Oh, I can think of a couple ways.

    Weather the Storm is modeled on the DR feature. I see your point though, and have modified it to cover all elements at once. I'm beginning to see that there are some balance issues in the various auras; shame on me for assuming that the class option I ripped it from would be internally balanced.
    Well, keep in mind that DR 1/-- or DR 2/-- is roughly comparable in terms of useful defenses to Energy Resistance 5 to all elements. So, SPoD has a great point.

    Question: Can a player use two uses of True Grit in the same turn in order to become unaffected by just about any condition, for example, going from Exhausted to Fatigued, to Unaffected? The ability doesn't specify any required action, so I assume yes. Can a player use True Grit when it isn't his turn?
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