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Thread: Touhou II: Story of an Eastern Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terraoblivion View Post
    The games are generally played, it just isn't the central thing. Touhou as a whole is focused on the fan material and not the games. It is really rather remarkable and unprecedented, at least to this degree.

    And relax, Drascin. I only said "just about no one", not a simple "no one" and you have to admit that the games aren't discussed that often in general.
    Yep, can't argue there. The games aren't really discussed much. Hell, the actual canon of the series isn't discussed much - it's fan stuff all day. But, well, I got in this series because the games were fun, the music awesome (vey important bit. I'm a very auditive person. I have trouble playing games with bad soundtracks), and the world painted by them interesting. Typical fan stuff didn't enter the picture there, and to be honest still doesn't enter much beyond recognizing it and getting a laugh out of the amusing ones. So I had to interject
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