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Is playing the games important, or do true fans avoid that too?
No. They've all played it and enjoyed it however it is a single-player game and a rather static one at that. The experience of a main series Touhou game is not going to differ that much from player to player except by difficulty mode and character and truly dedicated fans have probably played all of that too. Seeing as most people in this thread have probably played the main games, there is only so much to talk about and that this is just a continuation of the first thread that was started almost a year ago... I'd be very, very surprised if there was anything meaningful to talk about left in the main series. Once a new game is released talk will pick up about that for a while until it too is exhausted of meaningful discussion.

Now as for why this thread continues when the main series is depleted of talking points? There is a plethora of both official and unofficial spin off games that fans of the main series may want to try. These games are generally less popular than the main games so they have not yet been over discussed the way the main series has. In the case of the fighting games like 12.3 there will be a lot more to discuss as the other players are equally important to your experience as the game itself which of course opens a whole new avenue of discussion.

So yeah just chill, people in here appreciate the main games its just that there is nothing new to talk about on that front.