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@ SPoD: Sheer genius. This is why I'm posting to the Playground. I would never have thought of that, but now that you mention it, it seems obvious. How would you implement that? Granting blindsense would automatically defeat illusions and invisibilty, and fits the theme. Plus, it's useful for other things. Or perhaps the fighter could automatically be entitled to a save against any illusion he sees, as if he had interacted with it merely by observing it.
Personally, I would make it one feat that grants blindsense, with a second feat that increases it to blindsight. The illusion thing could still be a third feat, though, because blindsight usually has a limited range (30 ft.) and the illusion trick could affect things you see at a longer distance. Also, I've had DMs who ruled that illusions can fool blindsight if they affect the sense that the blindsight uses (so, auditory-enabled illusions can defeat echolocation blingsight), so anyone in that situation would still have a use for the illusion one. So you'd have something like this:

Sixth Sense
Sometimes, you just know where the enemy is.
Prerequisites: watchful fighter 3, Wisdom 13+
Benefit: You gain blindsense with a range of 5 feet for every 3 character levels you possess (10 ft at 6th level, 15 feet at 9th level, etc.) This blindsense is not based on any of your existing senses and cannot be nullified by silence or similar effects.

Superior Sixth Sense
No, seriously, that's getting creepy.
Prerequisites: watchful fighter 9, Sixth Sense.
Benefit: Your blindsense ability increases in power, doubling its range. You also gain blindsight within a range of 5 feet for every 5 character levels. Like your blindsense, your blindsight cannot be nullified by silence or other effects.

Healthy Skepticism
You tend not to believe what you see.
Prerequisites: watchful fighter 1.
Benefit: You gain an automatic Will saving throw against any illusion that allows a save. As long as you see, hear, smell, or otherwise experience the illusion with any of your senses, you are entitled a saving throw. If you fail this saving throw, you may gain a second one when you fully interact with the illusion, as normal. You are not necessarily even aware that you are making a save unless you succeed; the roll should be made in secret by the DM. You also gain a competence bonus to your saving throws against all illusions equal to +1 per 3 character levels.