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Thread: Touhou II: Story of an Eastern Thread

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    As I just reffed the first match of the Ranbat I'd like to say something to future competitors. Save. Your. Replays. KBF wasn't on so I had to make a judgment call myself and I decided to void the two matches where Cog and Moose both forgot to save replays and force them to do them over. There was no harm done in the end as the result was the same (though the matches themselves were much closer the second time). KBF can give a better ruling on this when he gets back on but I'd recommend you remember to save your replays either way.

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    I, uh, actually won 2.5 times. It's a long story involving replays and senility.
    Replays, Senility and a hard-ass who kept claiming to be "the law".
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