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This is really really good, but I have some concerns about the Cavalry option (which, since I love mounted combat, is what I looked at first). Basically, I'm not clear on why the cavalry fighter can't have as nice a horse as a druid gets. Wild Cohort lets you get the same pets three levels later than the druid, and when they do get them they have worse stat boosts. Would it really be so horrible to just flat out give them an animal companion?
I'm attempting to keep the fighting styles at least roughly balanced against one another. A druid animal companion is WAY better than Rage, Commanding Aura, and what have you. Even Wild Cohort makes the cavalry fighter arguably the strongest option at 1st level.

Also, remember that the remixed fighter, like all my class remixes, is intended for a T3-T4 environment. That means either no druid, or a druid who's been whacked bloody with the nerf-bat.

The druid animal companion also has a lot of abilities that don't make sense on a non-spellcaster, like Share Spells. I didn't want those lying around. You'll note that I do provide some improvements to the Wild Cohort as the fighter levels up.

I'll also add in clarification that you can take Natural Bond with your Wild Cohort. That improves your effective druid level to match your character level.

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Also, I'm not entirely clear on how the cavalry fighter is supposed to fight from the back of a dragon, as you describe it. Please show me the rules here for getting a dragon mount.
Uhhh, that would be because I had a series of feats planned for the cavalry fighter that improve the mount in various ways, but forgot to write them. Ultimately you should be able to choose magical beasts, dragons, critters with templates, you name it. I'll get back on the ball and write those feats this weekend. One of my players is also a cavalry fan; he's as excited about this fighting style as I'm sure you are.

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Oh, I can think of a couple ways.
Oh, tasty. Excuse me now while I shamelessly loot your stuff for my own dark purposes.

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Well, keep in mind that DR 1/-- or DR 2/-- is roughly comparable in terms of useful defenses to Energy Resistance 5 to all elements. So, SPoD has a great point.
I'm sold on improving the energy resistance, but do you think damage reduction is that much more powerful? Between weapons with energy adds, weapons that are energy (like ice axe or flame whips), and creatures with damaging energy auras, there's plenty of opportunity in some encounters to get hit with energy damage repeatedly in a round.

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Question: Can a player use two uses of True Grit in the same turn in order to become unaffected by just about any condition, for example, going from Exhausted to Fatigued, to Unaffected? The ability doesn't specify any required action, so I assume yes. Can a player use True Grit when it isn't his turn?
No and yes, respectively. I'll edit to clarify.

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[good stuff]
Consider it stolen.