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[1st Division]

"Tsukada-soutaichou! Glad to see you!", Sayuri greets joylessly. There's a distinct sense of urgency in her voice. "We've been trying to contact you for a while now! We have a lot we need to inform you about." She adjusts her glasses, glancing anxiously at the tactical display on her right.
"There have been haphazard sabotage attempts all across Seireitei. There was a fire in 4th, and we've had at least one confirmed casualty - Fukui Kyo. Really tragic, that one. They're still sorting through the rubble to see if there are any others."

"In addition, we've received word from 3rd and 6th that they were also attacked... there was some incident with an experimental warmachine from 12th involved as well, but we've yet to receive a report of the collateral damage. Just a moment 10th called in and told that they've been asked to fetch a caught culprit from 3rd - they should be on their way now."

"Several high-level officers are currently Missing in Action - we've not received single word from Takahashi-taichou for more than an hour, and Hayashi-taichou... her zanpakuto was seen on the skies not long, but we've not had word from her yet either. 10th has also said they can't reach their squads in Rukon, nor the squad of Karashi Ren. That reminds me..."

Sayuri turns away from the tactical markers showing the chaotic state of Gotei forces at the moment. Red and blue lines mark communication lines and troop movements - people from 7th are scurrying all around the map, as are various squads from 9th and 10th as they still patrol in search of more intruders. But most notably, at the corner of the map, where there should be nothing important... there's a huge cluster of forces, not only from Gotei but from their sister organization of Kido Corps as well.

"What have your last orders been about, soutaichou?", Sayuri asks, looking sternly at Ryouichi. "I got the impression that you and several others embarked for the location of Nagamichi Soushi and Karashi Ren but... frankly, we've not received word from anyone that they were actually found. Neither has anyone verified their sighting of public enemy number one. What exactly has been going on for the past two hours? We've been searching all over for Nagamichi-fukutaichou, but he was completely MIA before that phone call... it would significantly improve my... our understanding of the situation if you could tell us his whereabouts."
Ryouichi is pensive until Sayuri asks him a question directly. "Recovering what we can from the maggots nest as well as investigating the area for Public Enemy #1. At the very least, insuring the destruction does not spread is important. I've no information regarding the whereabouts of Officers Ren or Nagamichi, but given the latter communicated with Masaru-taichou, I wasn't under the assumption he was missing; after all, given I was responding to the Primera Espada terrorizing the rukon, you could say I have been somewhat out of the loop."