[1st Division HQ]

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Ryouichi is pensive until Sayuri asks him a question directly. "Recovering what we can from the maggots nest as well as investigating the area for Public Enemy #1. At the very least, insuring the destruction does not spread is important. I've no information regarding the whereabouts of Officers Ren or Nagamichi, but given the latter communicated with Masaru-taichou, I wasn't under the assumption he was missing; after all, given I was responding to the Primera Espada terrorizing the rukon, you could say I have been somewhat out of the loop."
Sayuri stays silent for a while after hearing Ryouichi's explanation. So that's why they we're running a strategy for "high-profile prison breaks", she thinks. It had been a chore to keep track of 8th jargon while simultaneously tying to do a job that was effectively meant for three.

A frown teeters on her lips for a moment as she strugles to retain a neutral expression. "Forgive me for being honest, Tsukada-soutaichou", she speaks, bowing apologetically to Ryouichi, "but I must say I think your choices to chase after the Primera, and then Public Enemy Number One, were... tactically inadvisable."

She turns to beckon towards the tactical display again. "The Hollow incursion was very limited in scope", she says, "none of them ever even reached the walls. Overall, there were 4 adversaries. However, the force that was sent to intercept them included 6 acting Division Captains."

"Furthermore, most of said acting Captains acted on their own accord, without running a plan through us first. For the past several hours, we've been piecing together a picture of events from disorderly and delayed messages."

"This is not a fault of 5th's - they did all they could. Most problems were caused by the fact that the upper echelons of Gotei leadership were not present so they could be kept up with the situation, and thus could not make... informed decisions to lead their Divisions."
By which she mainly means Masaru, Ryouichi and especially certain Nagamichi Soushi had not been present to help her, and she's been overworked to death because of it.

"Frankly, we have one person's word that Public Enemy Number One ever was within Seireitei limits"
, she finishes. "Until Nagamichi Soushi and Karashi Ren are found and brought in for hearing, there's no evidence that he was ever here. All events up till now might have been a mere diversion to draw away the attention of the most important person in Gotei: yours." Sayuri has no idea what such diversion might be for, but the idea is there, gnawing at the back of her head. She turns to look at Ryouichi again.

"From what evidence we do have, we know that this event was an inside job"
, she continues, looking sternly at her commander. "Destruction of Maggot's Nest confirms that. It's existence and location were strictly need-to-know. Only high-ranking officers of Gotei or Onmitsukido could have leaked that information. This means that until further notice, all officers who haven't yet reported themselves are under suspect. This includes Takahashi-taichou and his wife, Nagamichi-fukutaichou, Karashi-san and all his underlings."

Sayuri takes a deep breath. "We have few other leads. There have been several recent, illegal uses of Senkaimon. One of them was by Yama Akio, 3rd seat of 13th. He disappeared without warning several days ago, only to return as abruptly yesterday to give a gift to Hayashi-taichou." She neglects to mention that it was only a matter of minutes that she did not run afoul of Akio in 4th lobby as she was there with Soushi.

"10th has him under arrest right now. I've announced that I would head over there for his preliminary hearing as soon as the situation just allows."
She bows. "I ask for permission to leave and you to reassume your command, Soutaichou."


[3rd Division]

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Nasumi's was short and direct, bordering on rude as usual, telling her to see Magatsu in his office when she was finished helping repair and relief efforts.
For the record, Nasumi had just managed to return to her quarters, leaving extinquishing and rebuilding the Division canteen to firefighters from 7th. She isn't feeling very happy - the whole day has been plain chaos, and it's left her drained.

Did she actually help anyone? Or was she just in the way? She'd tried to do things like her common sense and training had dictated, but her superiors just acted like she was nothing but a load or annoyance. Even Shishimaru... wasn't he supposed to be stronger than her anyway? Isn't he an officer? Yet he had acted like a scared little kid. Had he been scared of her? Or what their superiors might do once they'd hear of what she'd done? It'd all be his responsibility, wouldn't it?

I'm useless, aren't I?
, Nasumi thinks pensively. Worse than useless. I just cause trouble to everyone! It's why they kicked me out of home. It's why they called me with funny names in the academy... The memories are painful. Especially those of her old foster family - she'd tried so hard to become a better person! Worked so that she wouldn't disappoint anyone that badly again.

They're going to kick me out again, aren't they? Just like they kicked me out of 10th. That's why her internship had ended, right? Well, at least it feels like! It hadn't seemed so bad then, just smugling one book to Hannibal-sama. What wrong could one book do? But she'd broken the rules. She'd caused trouble. And now she'd caused trouble for 3rd too...

She lies on her bunk for a good while, bad thoughts wallowing in her head, before Magatsu's message shakes her out of it. That's it. They're going to kick me out, she thinks as she gets on her feet and starts trudging towards Magatsu's office. Her hand wanders until it wraps around the hilt of her Zanpakuto.

But you'll never leave me, right, Shin-chan? We'll always be friends. Friends to the end.

Sometime later, she knocks on Magatsu's office door, steps in, and bows. "Unseated Zaraki Nasumi present, Shizuka-fukutaichou!", she says, snapping into attention.


[Deep, deep in the ground...]

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The kick sends Taiki into the wall on the right. His reactions are quick enough, however, to shift quickly to the side and dodge the stone. Genei cuts Hannibal over and over in its movements as Taiki dashes away, moving further away from Hannibal and further towards the deepest caverns of the old Nest.

"No...you're dead. You're DEAD!" His steps bring him further and further back, Benei joining its master to fend off the coming strikes.
Hannibal is confused by what's cutting him. In the dim lighting cast by the fading kido quickly being left behind, he could've sworn Taiki had not been holding a blade. Looks like yer blade ain't broken after all, he thinks, leaving more distance between himself and Taiki so he won't get cut. They're going deeper, exactly to the wrong direction. Hannibal's instincts scream he should turn and run... but he knows that turning around now would only give Taiki a chance to cut him down. He'd need to walk over his cooling body, no matter what.

"Dead? DEAD?", he howls, spittle flying through the dark on Taiki's face. "News for ye buddy, we're all dead in this frellin' place! And yer standin' between me and my reb-... urgh..."

There's a strange, cracking sound as Genei cuts near Hannibal's chest. The old prisoner jumps and rolls backwards, momentarily vanishing from sight before getting up earlier in the tunnel, his silhouette visible against the light of the Kido. He's taking something from under his torn robes, and Taiki can hear some rubble falling down - had Hannibal tied something against his chest to serve as armor...?

"Ye think I'm the big villain here, don't ye? Don't ye?"
, Hannibal snarl - lifting up a leering Oni mask with one quarter of it shattered by a sword blow. Never thought this'd come in handy.

"I dun' care about fightin' ye. I dun' care any of yer ****. Just wanna be free", the disgruntled, bleeding veteran growls. "But ye think I'm a villain? Okay. I can play a villain here." In the darkness, just before spell gives up and the light fades, Taiki can see Hannibal lift the mask against his face...


[Maggot's Nest]

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What in blazes...?

Kazuma's curiosity doesn't overcome his carefulness, but he approaches all the same. He had no idea what creature that could be. Not Hollow, definitely not Shinigami.

He doesn't know whether to be wary of it or pity its existence. It almost looks in pain.
As it gets close enough to touch Kazuma, the creature reaches to rub his face with long, deformed fingers. Whether it's really in pain is hard to say - it has no visible wounds, just some kind of... slime sticking to its back limbs and parts of its back. It look like it's just recently hatched.

But soon, another thing enters Kazuma's attention - a faint rustle from a nearby pile of rocks. "Oh, thank Kami! I never thought anyone would come for me!" It's a small woman with disheveled black hair, wearing a prisoner's garb and red shackles. She stumbles towards Kazuma, almost falling on his feet, grasbing the hem of his Shihakusho. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou, I wouln't have know what to do without you..." Something seems to be wrong with her shackles... maybe the fact that the locking pin is conspicuously missing...