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There is nothing wrong with Comic Sans. Some people are just too full of th... err I mean concerned with the finer points of comic writing and remaining nongeneric.

"I mean hey, it has 'comic' in the title, so we obviously can't use that because that's for ordinary comics, not mine. Mine is way different from all the others."

Seriously, if it's a legible non-eyesore, it's good enough. And if Comic Sans is an "eyesore" to you then you probably need a serious dose of Perspective Pills.
Times New Roman has the word "Times" in it. Is it the font used by the New York Times?

The main problem with Comic Sans is that it immediately sends a lot of people into frothing rage, and may cause them to disregard the content - and that in itself is a bad property. It's more politic to choose an obscure but still comic-y font rather than one that's been plastered in the most inappropriate places since 1996.