Playing this fix in a new campaign. I'm at level 3, and it's working great so far. My girlfriend is playing a Warblade in the same party, and I've got slightly more health than her, the same attack bonus, and only slightly worse damage (DM has houseruled that 2-handed weapons do double STR to attack and damage). DwtE has already helped a lot, and I'm looking forward to making him unhappy with the higher level class abilities.

The rest of my party is:
1) A very sub-optimal ranger who has gotten a grand total of one hit so far.

2) A cleric who's gonna become a C-zilla, but who is useless in the meantime.

3) A TN dread necromancer who hasn't managed to collect a zombie army yet.

I want to play your fix through 1-20 (if we make it that far) and I'll be sure to post about its performance. Advance warning: thinking about dipping Warblade 1 for the Sudden Leap maneuver (SL + DwtE = PWN).