Posting simply to add publicity! A player requested using this class (along with another option which she seems more interested anyway) in my campaign, and I had to turn her down, because it's balanced too well. What? Well, it's a very low magic/item campaign, and a monk designed to compete with readily available magic weapons/armor would be a bit much when the rest of the party doesn't even reliably have masterwork gear. I absolutely love the way it looks, though, and how it did in my playtesting (speed-ran it through a couple prepackaged adventures with old character sheets for a party of druid/warblade/binder/monk, and it contributed exactly the right amount IMO) and I can't wait to try it out for myself (or just play with one in the party).

I will say, though, that it "feels" like a T3 class to me. That isn't a complaint, because I love T3 play more than anything, but it's almost strictly better than the core rogue from my way of thinking - slightly less versatile out of combat, massively more so in combat, with better defenses. That may be partially due to my poor personal ability to make the most out of sneak attack, though. If that wasn't the case, I'd just go Monk1/Rogue3/Monk2-17 and do ludicrous haste/speed-snapkick-flurry-sneak-attack damage. From Flash of Sunset. Now that's an assassination.

Speaking of which, are Improved Ki Defense/Strike, Sun School and Pain Touch intended to be more or less taken by every revised monk? Or is this just a function of me not (yet!) having the Book of Feats pdf you mentioned being in the works?