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    Default Re: [3.5] Revised Monk (finally the red-headed stepchild gets some respect and PEACH!

    It's great to hear about other playtest results!

    My original goal was to bring the class from a low T5 to a strong T4, but I'd be pleased if I overshot the mark and gave it enough versatility to mesh well with T3 classes. My desire has always been to give would-be monk players an option that allows them to fit seamlessly into a mid-power group.

    Monk remix is better than rogue, yessir. Rogue fixes aren't as popular because core rogues are actually halfway-usable, but for those desiring a T3 rogue, I recommend my daring outlaw class remix, which combines rogue and swashbuckler with flashy combat tricks, a knack for mischief-making, and very good luck.

    There aren't intended to be any overdetermined feat choices, although IKS and IKD are intentionally very strong feats. Even those aren't necessarily the best choice for every monk, though. No one in the playtesting I've conducted has ever taken Sun School or Pain Touch, so I'd say you've probably just hit on a strong combination of feats that works well with the kind of playstyle you enjoy.
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