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    All Over

    The three most watched television stations and radio channels that aren’t run by Magtok suddenly cut to static (unless, of course, any of those channels are run by someone in the ffrp who doesn’t want them to be cut out, in which case they won’t be because that’d be mean).

    After a few seconds, a voice is heard over them.

    “Hello, Riv. You may be monitoring one of these frequencies. If you aren’t, then you’re an idiot, but that’s fine, it just means you’ll be easier to kill.

    “Also, a friendly hello to anyone watching this. Sorry I interrupted your program, but this is important.

    “I’ve just launched a medley of satellites and the first of what I hope will be many of my spacefaring vessels. What people seem to forget is just how easy it is to override a channel or make your own or even to just use an entirely different medium through which to send your message. Seriously, people, stop restricting yourselves to the electromagnetic spectrum! There’s so much you can do, but for some reason, you don’t.

    “I have a few messages to deliver. The first, a declaration of war, of sorts. Riv, Excelsior Tech, and anyone assisting him (Even if they’re Magtok. You’re cool man, but don’t step in on this) will be declared guilty by association and included as a target of my attacks. To put things simply, I’m going to kill you, Riv. Quickly. Painfully. Messily.

    “Second, it’s about the aliens in Inside. The blue and green ones are here to help. The blue ones want to teach us a bit, too. The ones that look like they’re made of rock will only attack if attacked. The rest…well…run or fight, that’s really your choice there.

    “Third, I’m declaring an allegiance to a few things. First, HALO, because it’s full of kickin’ people and I figure I owe Tobias enough money to rebuild my warehouse a dozen times over at this point. Second, to the people of Inside. The NPCs, the little guys, the good guys, the police agent sitting on the sideline helping people find shelter while the army goes off and gets the glory for killing everything. [size=”1”]Even the people who don’t deserve to die…[/size] If anyone needs somewhere to stay and sleep and eat, needs something fixed, or needs the protection of a small army of robots, call me up at [Phil’s warehouse number]. Betray my trust and…well, I’m about to make an example out of Riv for those who would.

    “And, uh, Empire Remnant folks, I need to have a word with you. A very strongly worded word.

    “I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but I can broadcast it later.”

    Excelsior Tech Ruins

    A small green dot, like from a laser pointer, wavers over an area near the ruins of the Excelsior Tech building the Empire destroyed. Soon, it is replaced by a growing shadow. If one looks up, they’ll see a strange gleam in the sky. Soon, a rumbling can be heard up above. The rumbling grows louder and louder until it’s a horrible, screeching roar, and something large, hot, and heavy smashes into the ground near the ruins from above, leaving a nice crater.

    Wherever Riv’s cloning machine is

    The cloning machine will find Phil is sending it a signal.
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