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    I just need to toss it out there: I feel like Empty Strike needs moved to 5th level, where it won't be such a bloat to attack rolls. I guess it doesn't really matter, but that monk-warblade comparison still has me feeling uneasy. The important part is that I know that disparity would disappear by level 6 or so (hence the desire to see the feature delayed a bit.) so I know it's still a good and balanced class feature.
    Frankly, I feel like this is true of DwtE as well - they're both good and balanced class features, but IMO the first levels come a bit too early. Fifth would be a nice spot for Empty Strike in particular because it's the second level at which a medium BAB progression like the monk's gets left out, making it a nice spot to toss this in. On the other hand, I don't think giving Ki Shot and Wholeness of Body at third instead of fifth would be gamebreaking - Wholeness is balanced by the level requirement, and Ki Shot is at once situational for a melee monk and more or less a necessity for a ranged monk (especially one that's using shuriken, which would be the most awesome thing ever).

    You could argue that both of those would then be vulnerable to dips, but I don't think either is anywhere near as dip-rewarding as Empty Strike and DwtE.
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