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    Quote Originally Posted by jiriku View Post
    So, if I understand correctly, the warblade's attack bonus is +11 (+3 BAB + 8 Str). And for your monk to have a +11 bonus at 3rd level, you must have something on the order of 20 Wis and 18 Dex (+2 BAB, +5 Wis, +4 Dex).

    I think there's strength in the argument that ki shot and empty strike could be switched, but it seems to me that the monk/warblade comparison is badly distorted by rolled stats that favored the monk very highly over the warblade.

    Assuming the elite array, which is fairly standard for NPC opponents:
    • warblade 3, Str 15, mwk sword: +6 to hit
    • monk 3, Dex 14, Wis 15, mwk staff, FoB: +5 to hit

    • warblade 5, Str 16, +1 sword: +9 to hit
    • monk 5, Dex 14, Wis 16, ki strike +1, Fob: +8 to hit

    Assuming 32 PB, which would allow an 18 in a primary stat and a 16 in a secondary stat:
    • warblade 3, Str 18, mwk sword: +8 to hit
    • monk 3, Dex 16, Wis 18, mwk staff, FoB: +8 to hit

    • warblade 5, Str 19, +1 sword: +10 to hit
    • monk 5, Dex 16, Wis 19, ki strike +1, FoB: +10 to hit

    Assuming crazy PB, massive min/maxing and gear greatly in excess of WBL:
    • warblade 3, Str 20, +1 sword: +9 to hit
    • monk 3, Dex 18, Wis 20, +1 staff, FoB: +10 to hit

    • warblade 5, Str 25 (w/+4 enhancement), +2 sword: +14 to hit
    • monk 5, Dex 20 (w/+2 enhancement), Wis 25 (w/+4 enhancement), ki strike +1, FoB: +15 to hit

    I don't see a problem here.
    No particular argument here either. Frankly, I'd be more concerned about its dippability than how much it affects a straight-up game, but that's only a huge problem because everyone ignores the multiclassing rules. Using them as written, there's not really anything wrong.

    EDIT: By the way, as written, Versatile Attack lets you apply Dexterity to damage with shuriken/sling attacks. Is this intended?

    EDIT 2: Also, Improved Ki Defense is ambiguous as to whether the additional +1 AC bonus it provides counts for the purposes of gaining more advanced IKD and IKS abilities (assuming you somehow have a high enough BAB relative to AC bonus that it matters). It seems to read as if it does, but that seems a bit too good to be true.
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