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No particular argument here either. Frankly, I'd be more concerned about its dippability than how much it affects a straight-up game, but that's only a huge problem because everyone ignores the multiclassing rules. Using them as written, there's not really anything wrong.

EDIT 2: Also, Improved Ki Defense is ambiguous as to whether the additional +1 AC bonus it provides counts for the purposes of gaining more advanced IKD and IKS abilities (assuming you somehow have a high enough BAB relative to AC bonus that it matters). It seems to read as if it does, but that seems a bit too good to be true.
IKD isn't ambiguous (assuming I read it right), you gain +1 AC to your class based AC which is what the feat requires. HOWEVER you need BAB to get that. You could dip to get more BAB, but then you're losing out on Monk abilities. Oh hey, you got a heap of BAB! Too bad you don't have the class AC to use the abilities now.

There's also no +CL so that's another downer for most dips, and the no armor+light load. Even Rogues get light armor, and they don't get the bonus to AC which Monk does. Then there's the alignment restrictions. So any multiclassing is going to be like multiclassing a PHB Paladin. Not much point when most of your class abilities aren't usable. :P And did I mention no +CL?

Could always add in a multiclass note like the PHB Monk has, namely that Monk's aren't allowed to multiclass barring certain feats like Ascetic Knight, but it's not really needed. IMO of course. Could also conflict with Gestalt, but I've never played that so just guessing.

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This in addition to allowing dex as the attack and damage stat (free weapon finesse).
Not quite, they qualify as if they have Weapon Finesse, it's isn't actually WF. The feat grants Dex to attack only, not damage. Think of it like Ranger, can qualify for other feats based upon having this one, but the mechanics are a bit off.