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Instead of asking to see damage comparisons for those levels, perhaps i should ask if damage comparisons already occurred in this thread? Attack being the same isn't so bad if the monk hits like a wuss. But... he doesn't. Likewise, damage potential isn't so bad if you can't expect to get it all the time (low attack rolls is one way, but a better is more situational damage. see: sneak attack). Of course, this is still much ado about nothing (is that how the saying goes?) since things even out better in a few levels.
There's been a few damage comparisons actually. And the really cool thing? They start on the first page.
But we're talking levels 3-5 so this really shouldn't matter. If something is unbalanced between say 5 and 15, then you've got a problem since that's a major adventuring space and a long time for a class to be superior to all. 3-5 not so much

And if you're still not convinced, start comparing them to a Cloistered Cleric or even better, a Planar Shepard.