Adventure Prompts

A Wolf Among Sheep
A debate has broken out between two prominent members of the Boar and Fox clans. Erik the Evenhanded, a mid-level judge for the local villages, claims a young man from the Fox clan seduced his daughter and stole several valuable personal belongings from his household in the process. The accused is a young man with the moniker 'Wolf'. Wolf is a traveling merchant and all-around 'procurer' of goods. He is known to travel with any caravan that suits his fancy, stopping frequently to peddle his questionable services and engage in 'festivities' with the local ladies. However, Wolf is under protection, owing to the fact that he is a distant cousin of Henreik Hollson, leader of the Fox clan.

Wolf himself lacks much respect, but his family ties grant him leeway when others might reject him. Erik the Evenhanded wants to see the boy punished, but even a powerful judge dares not insult a clan chief, so he needs the problem dealt with discreetly. He seeks the PCs, preferably through a player from Vallheim, to look into the matter. They must either find proof of Wolf's treachery, or 'convince' him to not be a problem for Erik anymore. Of course Wolf will likely try to convince the PCs of his innocence when they arrive. Whether or not he is really to blame is up to DM discretion.