Arathnos, you have a talent. Please, keep these coming, this is perfect. If I fluff the Sunshani (samurai-type Asian plantation owner a-holes), can you do some for them too? I'll be doing the Dotze Affariata too at some point. Here's a prompt I came up with:

Family Reunion
It is a custom for the younger heirs to the title of Clan Chief to leave at some point during their lives and see the world, gaining experience, friendships and knowledge of the rest of the world. They usually return as better leaders, more knowledgeable people, and are generally more prepared to take their turn at leading their Clan. A PC who is both from Vallheim and the child, legitimate or otherwise, of a Clan Chief is contacted by a Raven Clan messenger, bearing news of the Chief's death. They return to Vallheim, but are ambushed on the way. They find tokens of a rival Clan (Boar if they are from Fox, Bear if from Dove, etc, etc.) on their attackers persons. After returning home, they find that their parent is actually alive, having recently survived a well-planned and almost-successful assassination attempt, which they believe is related to a recent political disagreement with their rival Clan. There has been no major conflict between the Clans since King Bjarni the Strong, King Brenyn's grandfather, ended a long-lasting civil war and reunited the Vallheim, but tensions are rising and it is up to the PC's to unmask their oppositions treachery and prevent a resurgence of the conflict.