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    Yes sir, happy to be a part of it.

    Strength of the Past
    Gundir Redbeard is just one of the many architects who works under Lief Rolfson, chief of the Beaver Clan. He has been given his first major assignment, and he seeks to make a lasting impression on the chief and his other superiors in the clan. Gundir is to build the clan hall in a new and rapidly growing village. He contacts the PCs and implores them to aid in his construction process. Gundir has recently learned from a friend in the Hawk clan of an ancient tomb of unknown origins, located in the foothills not too far from the village.

    Gundir hires the PCs to escort him into the tomb, so he may study it's design and hunt for inspiration deep within the alien walls. The PCs may get more than they bargained for dealing with the complex traps located within...

    A King's Ransom
    The Elk Clan has long revered white elk as sacred animals, to be cared for and treasured. In times of great war, the clan chief will ride the beast into battle, a gleaming white beacon to inspire the Elk warriors.

    Recently, Drevos, the favored elk of King Brenyn the Protector, has gone missing. The king, indeed all of the Elk clan, is outraged. The PCs are hired to investigate the matter on behalf of the crown as a neutral party that will avoid clan bias. The party's investigation leads them on the track of the Night Owls, a small secret society within the Owl Clan that believes the Owl should rise up and take its rightful place as the leaders of Vallheim. The situation must be handled delicately, lest the clans break and dissolve into a civil war not seen since the days of Bjarni the Strong
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