(So - lay) Meaning pious

The people of Soleh are incredibly religious, so much that their lives are dominated by it. Members of the clergy are elevated to near nobility status, a practice they readily encourage. The nation is a theocracy, controlled by the Church of Light. The head of state is the High Priest of Light, a title currently held by Lord-Bishop Herrith.

The Church of Light is devoted to the same principles of the Wheel of Life, although they are quick to deny any association with a concept developed by the First People. In essence, they believe that splitting apart the four colors in the wheel is a heresy, and that all are merely aspects of a greater primal force known as 'the Light'. The Light teaches acceptance and tolerance, charitable actions, and a form of karma.

'Do to others as I'd have them do to me.'

However, while the Light may preach acceptance, not all of the church leaders feel the same. The church maintains a peaceful, if aggressive, expansion program. Missionaries of the Light often travel to the neighboring countries, welcome or not, to preach the Book of Light to heretics and non-believers. Some bolder, or perhaps crazy, priests have even had minor success converting some of the more docile Urgal tribes to the Light.

Underneath this loving facade, lurks a darker organization. The Inquisitors of Light are a secretive network of spies and agents that operate not only within Soleh, but within neighboring Vallheim and Sunshan as well. The Inquisition actively seeks out those who would stand against the church, converting them through drastic means, or silence them if they won't be turned. They also oversee church interests in the nearby countries, spying on government officials and infiltrating court life, serving as advisors to ensure the nation of Soleh's best interests are being served.