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    Quote Originally Posted by FireFox View Post
    Tobias appears near the entrance (possibly with a deadtimed Cessie) and tries to go back to the previously used meeting room unless he is directed elsewhere.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Bushranger View Post
    And arriving just behind Tobias is Quinn, Dimension Dooring in in response to her communicator!

    She looks at Tobias.
    Looks at Cessie.
    Raises an eyebrow.
    Pffh, Cessie is engaged, Quinn clearly have a one-track mind.

    And yes, she's there alright, quickly taking a seat.

    "So could you go through the details Vasquez? I'm afraid I don't know much about this Phil, but as we are judging this act alone and not his character, it may be better if it stays that way. Don't you agree?" She gives Vasquez, Phil and Erin a gentle smile. She only knew one of them after all.
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