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My original point is that adding wisdom to damage emulates a feat that most melee types won't have access to (weapon specialization).
Yea, but most other classes will get some sort of damage increasing feat specific to them. Craven, for instance. A lovely little thing which any class with Sneak Attack damage will love. Fighters get Weapon Specialization, think there's an archery feat to give damage based on distance, there's a feat to increase Favored Enemy bonuses, Smite bonuses.. Then there's a simple Bulls Strength for +2 to damage.

Now Monks have something, except it's built into their class. You could make it a feat, but then you run into the problem of Class == Feats, so basically an unarmed Fighter. And no-one wants that. :P Actually the main problem with making it a feat is throwing it on said Fighter along with Weapon Specialization. This way it's relatively non-abusable and doesn't appear so far to be over powered going by the play tests that have come up in this thread. I get your point, I merely disagree with the conclusion. :p

Oh, I think Weapon Specialization became available to non-Fighters depending on class (some have it in bonus feat list) and BAB. Possibly a variant rule in UA, CW or some such giving the feat to anyone who had a certain amount of BAB. Out of reach of non-full BAB classes though for a greater part of their careers though.

Totally off topic, Vow of Poverty + Revised Monk..
Yes, in return for all the hard work that has gone into making an unarmed and unarmored class I think up ways to exploit that. If it's any consolation, it would prohibit players from making castles out of gold pieces so wouldn't be used that much, and I was thinking about Warlocks at the time.