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    Default Re: Walking the Way: A Swordsage's Handbook [Under Construction again]

    Walking the Way: A Swordsage's Handbook [Under Construction]

    To blunder twice is not allowed in war.
    - Latin proverb

    Why Play a Swordsage?

    Why Use Tome of Battle?

    There are endless cycles of debate about Tome of Battle: why it sucks, why itís great, why the fluff is awful, whether itís balanced, etcetera. Naturally, opinions vary widely, but Iíve found that Tome of Battle greatly enriches the playing experience at my table, mainly for two reasons:

    - It makes melee fun to play. Some people enjoy endlessly repeating their full attack routine; many want something more. And Tome of Battle provides you with lots more options and tactics, which include the ability to make decisions more meaningful than how much youíll Power Attack for this turn.

    - It levels the playing field. Around here itís an oft-recited saying that Ďfighters scale linearly, wizards scale quadraticallyí. Tome of Battle by no means closes that gap, but it unquestionably narrows it.

    This handbook will use the following system for ratings:

    Red - Awful. Never, ever take these.
    Purple - Meh. These can be situationally useful, but arenít usually worth it.
    Black - OK. Not the best, but not the worst, either.
    Blue - Good. An excellent option, and worthwhile.
    Cyan - Great. Take these. Seriously.
    Gold - Fantastic. These are amazing options, defining aspects of a build or even the entire class.

    Don't expect this to be finished soon; updates will be infrequent while my warblade handbook is still being built upon. Nonetheless, I'd very much like comments, criticism, and most of all, additions.
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