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    Default Re: Walking the Way: A Swordsage's Handbook [Under Construction again]

    Equipment, sample builds, and useful links.

    Thanks TO Drynwyn for his 24d6 damage build. I can't make much sense of this build, but maybe thats because its late.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drynwyn View Post
    And, after much delay, we bring you.... THE 24d6 DAMAGE BUILD!

    This build is for level 11, when you get your first level 6 maneuver. THis must be ring of fire. You must then take Desert Wind Dodge and Tactical Feat: Scorching Sirroco. You must also max out Tumble and select 2 Desert Wind stances, plus either a +6 Tumble item or a +3 ite and skill focus. At least half of your maneuver slots should be ring of fire.

    Round 1:Act as normal, but make sure to move at least 10 feet and enter a desert wind stance.
    Round 2: You can now use the third tactical ability of Scorchng Sirroco. This deals 1d6 fire damage to an opponent when you avoid provoking an attack of opportunity using tumble. Use ring of fire. Use "accelerated tumble" to increase the DC of the avoid check to 25 while moving at full speed.mSince assuming an 18 DEX( which every Swordsage should have by level 11 anyway), you have +24 to tumble, an auto-success. You can move 12 squares since ring of fire grants a double move, moving away from the target with your last 5 feet of movement and switching Desert Wind stances. 12d6 from successful Tumbling + 12d6 from Ring of Fire= 24d6.
    P.S. If you have enough Diamond mind maneuvers, take Quicksilver Motion later to bump up damage to 30d6.
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