Object related people please read.

Now, before people go crazy calling Objects. It's probably a good idea to keep in mind that the best course of action would be to obtain the Object in character. No just suddenly having Objects. You can go about this in many ways I'm sure. You could go through the process of detailed on the Holders site, either with someone acting as a GM or type up a long self RP post. Maybe you could have your character kill another Seeker for it. Of course you're free to get creative and come up with another way of getting one. It would be nice, in my opinion, that you put a little effort into it.

I would like to request that people put some effort into following the defined mythos of the Objects. To be blunt, play them properly. Now, far be it for me to say what properly is, but there are some things to keep in mind.

The Objects want to come together. They aren't self aware per say, but there is an overall force pulling them together. Often time this is in the form of manipulating the Seekers to gather more and more of them. This translates as mentally influencing them. Seekers always want to gather more Objects, even if they know that reality will be destroyed when they come together. Maybe it's the promise of power, maybe they are convinced that they are gathering them to keep them away from those that want to use them for evil. Do whatever works for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Objects tend to have a negative effect on their Seeker's mental state. This varies wildly of course. It maybe be as little as the mental compulsion, or it might be as serious as... well, *points at Moff Prime*

One more thing to keep in mind is that Seekers tend to be very very possessive of their Objects. They don't really want to give them up to anyone. In some cases they might value their Objects more than their very lives.

As for people trying to get rid of the Objects. To put it simply, it's not easy. Destroying them causes them to return to their Holder. Same with putting them somewhere no one can get to them. Keep in mind that these are not just run of the mill artifacts. They are part of a much bigger whole and are tied to the very fabric of reality. Also, most people involved with them so far have agreed that if a character that can completely resist the mental effects, the Object will cease to be one of the Objects and a new Object will appear with the Holder. This operates on the same logic as destroying them of hiding them away. One last thing to note here. They can be hidden away. Just not in a place where no one can ever get to them. But if you do hide them away, expect Seekers to try and take them from you.

Now, I have some additional thoughts to add. Some concerns have been raised that this is a plot that cannot end. Essentially there is no way to permanently stop the Objects from together, but it is also highly unlikely that they will ever come together. My opinion on the matter is that that is true. But I think that it shouldn't be thought of as a plot, and more of an RP enabler.

I'd also like to clarify some of the terminology used.
Object - Refers to any of the artifacts listed in the Holders site.
Seeker - Refers to a person that possesses at least one Object and will more than likely trying to find more.
Holder - These are the guardians of the Objects. They are the people/things that keep the Objects safe when they aren't in the possession of a Seeker.
Please note that Holders and Seekers are very different things. Generally if your PC has an Object, s/he will be a Seeker.
The words Seeker, Holder, and Object when used to refer to the Objects are capitalized. Additionally one might say "They" in reference to the Objects. That and other words used in that way should be capitalized as well.

Of course, these are just my thoughts on the matter. It's not any sort of rigidly defined rule set. Feel free to discuss it and argue your own opinions. We'll come to an agreeable decision I'm sure.